HS Tombazis D-215


The USS Gurke DD-783 was purchased for the Hellenic Navy 17 March 1977. The ship was towed (as is) to the Souda Naval Base in Kriti for repairs. She was commissioned HS Tombazis D-215 for the Hellenic Navy on the 3rd of July 1977 in Bremetron Base. Her first trip started the 26th of September 1977.
From November 1978 to May 1979 she underwent structural modifications in Hinder IV at the Hellenic Shipyards of Skaramagka (Athens). After this all her guns were renewed, new communication devices were added and new radar systems were added as shown in the Configuration description below.
As of January 1997 she has traveled more than 7,000 hours and over 60,000 miles. The Tombazis was decommissioned some time during the week of 12 January 1997. The ship was then moved to Souda Naval Base where she remained in "D1" condition with a maintenance crew keeping her in a condition that will allow the ship to become active in 12 hours. However recent word sadly informs us that the Tombazis no longer exists.

Admiral Jacob Tombazis

Jacob Tompazis was a Greek Admiral during the revolution of 1821. During the 10 year war that followed the revolution he donated his four ships to the nation. He was selected as the first Admiral of the new Hellenic Nation and during the war he was proved to be extremely intelligent, open minded and brave. He won all battles he participated in as a leader.
The name "Tombazis" was first given to a Hellenic sailing warship with 46 tons displacment in 1935. In 1941 the name was given to an English Corvette (ex HMS Tamaris). This ship traveled far during World War II and was returned to the English Government in 1959.

Chronological List of Captains

G. Sideris 4-7-77 to 20-7-78
M. Stavrianakis 20-7-78 to 26-6-80
T. Masouras 26-6-80 to 19-8-81
I. Stagas 19-9-81 to 14-5-82
S. Nikolopoulos 14-5-82 to 12-8-83
A. Vasiliadis 12-8-83 to 24-7-84
J. Papasilekas 24-7-84 to 21-7-86
D. Kalergis 21-7-86 to 8-7-88
C. Kazassis 8-7-88 to 30-3-90
J. Imelos 30-3-90 to 20-3-91
H. Tsarpalis 20-3-91 to 29-6-92
H. Kalogeropoulos 29-6-92 to 18-7-93
T. Floropoulos 18-7-93 to ??????
D. Plamantouras ?????? to 16-1-97


Displacement, tons:2425 Standard, 3500 full load
Dimensions, feet:390.5 x 41.2 x 19
Main Machinery: 4 Babcock & Wilcox boilers; 600 psi, 850F
2 Westinghouse Turbines 60,000 hp
2 Shafts
Speed, knots:32.5
Range, miles: 4800 at 15 knots
Complement: 269 (16 officers)
Missiles: SSM: 4 McDonald Douglas Harpoons, active radar homing to 70 nm at 0.9 Mach.
SAM: Portable Redeye; shoulder-launched, short range.
A/S: Honeywell ASROC Mk 112 octuple launcher; inertial guidance to 5.4 nm.
Mk 46 Torpedo active/passive homing to 5.9 nm at 40 knots.
Guns: 4 USN 5 in/38 (2 twin); 15 rounds/minute to 9 nm AS, 5.9 nm AA.
1 OTO Melara 3 in /62 compact aft: 85 rounds/minute to 8.6 nm AS, 6.5 nm AA.
2-12.7 mm MGs.
Torpedoes:6-324 mm Mk32 (2 triple) tubes containing Honeywell Mk 46; active/passive homing to 5.9 nm @ 40 knots
Depth Charges: 2 Racks
Countermeasures: Decoys: 2 Loral Hycor SRBOC fixed triple 6-barrelled chaff.
launchers ; range 0.6 to 2.2 nm.
ESM: WLR-1; radar warning.
ECM: ULQ-6; jammer.
Weapons Control:Mk 37 GFCS, Elsag NA 21
Radars:Air search: Westinghouse SPS 37; B/C band; range 300 nm.
Surface search: Raytheon/Sylvania SPS 10; G band.
Navigation: Decca; I band.
Fire Control: Western Electric Mk 25; I/J band and Selenia RTN 10X; I\J band; range 22 nm.
Sonars: Sangamo SQS 23; hull mounted;active search and attack; med freq
Decoys: 2 ship replica decoys, 1 port 1 starboard, made in England

Modernization: Major modernization program in 1987-88 included Harpoon, OTO Melara 3 in/62 gun placed aft and a new FCS NA-21. At least 4 Harpoon are always carried and 8 can be carried during war.

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Email Address

Years of Service

Theo Malliotakis mlth@compulink.gr
Philip Tsirtsonis filippas@mailcity.com
Stefanos Karanasios skaranasios@theweb.gr
Giorgos georgeHATZI1@hotmail.com

Tombazis Images

Large Photo of Tombazis
Summer 199550th Anniversary in Mediterenean Sea off Greece
Decommissioning16 Jan1997 Newspaper Article (Part 1)
Decommissioning16 Jan1997 Newspaper Article (Part 2)
Recent Tombazis Photo
Photo of Christos Kazassis who served as CO of HS TOMBAZIS
when TOMBAZIS was in the Hellenic Navy.

My sincere thanks to Lt. Ioannis (Yanni) Kakavas HN, Vanguelis Christodoulou (ex HN), SH and Lt. Jr. Grade Dimitris Spirou HN for their help in providing the information in the Tombazis pages.

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