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A Sailor's Prayer
Plank Owner's Certificate
Fire Control Technician 3 Navy Training Course
Torpedomen and Firecontrolmen in 1945 Courtesy Joe Murphy
1946 Envelope mailed from Gurke
Circa 1950 Photos
Circa 1951-1952 Photos
Bill Creber's 1952 Images
Circa 1953-1954 Photos
Circa 1955-1957 Photos Courtesy Bill Waddell
1957-1958 Cruise Book Photos Courtesy of Bob Larsen
Circa 1958-1959
1960 Liberty Card
1961 Cruise Book
Circa 63-65 Photos Courtesy Danny Wolverton
1966 Cruise Photos
1967 Burial at Sea
1967-1968 Cruise Book Photos Provided by Phil Reeves SK3 1966-1968
Circa 1970-1973 Photos
1973-1974 Cruise Book Photos
1974 Shellback Initation
1974 Trip up Mt. Fuji on bikes and 2006 recreation of the trip.
Refueling at Sea
Water Colors by Caroll Briggs