Date: 4 March 1997
Name: George J. Hupp
Where are you from?: Buena Park, CA
Years aboard Gurke: Commissioning to 10 February 1946
Comments: I left bootcamp in S.D. in 1944 for Treasure Island for the gathering of the first crew of the Gurke and one of the few plankowners still around. I am a native "Prunepicker" from Los Angeles.

I was seventeen years at my enlistment. I still remember the commissiong in Seattle when the People of Seattle gave the ship and crew an icecream making machine "geedunk" I think was the Navy term. We went to Bremerton Naval shipyard for final outfitting. While there the ship received some copper ashtrays for the officers and I said no way, so I grabbed them all up and took them to the plating shop in the shipyard and bribed one of the workers with a bottle of booz (Craborchard) Yuk, and got them all chrome plated. I still have one allthough I gave smoking up years ago.

I made the shakedown and pacific cruise, and I still have my Plankowners certificate. I was discharged July 1946. I have many photos of the cruise and shipmates that I took. . I am now retired after 44 years with Mcdonnell Douglas. I would like to keep in touch and try and locate some of my shipmates that used to come home with me to my folks house in So. West LA. Louie Miller, Ray Millsape, Dominik Paglioni, Carman Batavio, pardon the name spelling. If you have any contact with them please forward to me, I would enjoy. Been a long voyage but a good one.

Regards G.J.Hupp MM3c

Date: 3 March 1997
Name: Thomas Crow
Where are you from?: Lyndhurst, Ohio
Years aboard Gurke: 12 November 1960 to 27 December 1960
Comments: I was a E2 and served just a little over a month on the USS Gurke. I was assigned to the after fire room but apparently so were about 10 other FA's. So they asked me if I would accept a transfer to a diesel powered DE 1036, the USS McMorris. At the time I would have done anything to get out of the fire room. (Too hot!!) . Later in my career I served about 8 months on the USS Richard B. Anderson, DD786 as a Engineman E5, as master at arms until my discharge in February 1964. I have been a member of Tin Can Sailors for about 20 years and have attended many of their yearly reunions. Nice home page-enjoyed it. Regards--Tom Crow

Date: 1 March 1997
Name: Ralph Humbertson     (Email address expired)
Where are you from?: Miami, Florida
Years aboard Gurke: November 1966 to October 1969
Comments: I was a gunnery officer with two Wespac tours. I look forward to seeing shipmates at the April reunion.

Date: 27 February 1997
Name: Larry Strizich
Where are you from?: Great Falls, Montana
Years aboard Gurke: 1974-1976
Comments: Gurke was my first ship. I was the Gurke's last 1st Lt.

Date: 24 February 1997
Name: John L. Gurke
Where are you from?: Collinsville, TX
Years aboard Gurke:

Date: 23 February 1997
Name: Freeman M. Crosby
Where are you from?: Jacksonville, FL
Years aboard Gurke: 1951-1953
Comments: I was a machinest mate in the forward engine room with Chief Johnson. Looking for travel partner to share travel expenses from Florida or Georgia area.

Date: 23 February 1997
Name: Allen Henson
Where are you from?:
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: My father, Dean Henson served on the Gurke as a sonarman during the Korean Uprising. As a bratty child I used to rumage through his sea chest and was always intrigued by his Navy career.

I remember he had a friend on board named Lonnie. I remember visiting Lonnie, while we were in California, as a child. Dad now lives in Sun City, AZ and spends his time trying to learn the game of golf. I know that Dad has attended the Gurke reunions and has enjoyed them.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of my Dad's ship.

Date: 22 February 1997
Name: Nick R. Wiltz YN2
Where are you from?: Wenatchee, WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1953-1955
Comments: Looking forward to the reunion - Is there anyone that you are aware of from the state of Washington that has not answered muster ?- if so let me know & I will contact.

Date: 20 February 1997
Name: Robert L. Cole
Where are you from?: Monroe, LA
Years aboard Gurke: 1973 to 1974

Date: 10 February 1997
Name: Claude H. Marshall MM3
Where are you from?: Long Beach, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: A fun ship one that we will all miss and love.

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