Date: 9 February 1997
Name: Ralph W. Underwood RD3
Homepage: U.S.S. Hamner DD 718
Where are you from?: Somerville, Mass
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: browsing to look for other gearing class destroyers!!! loved your page I wish mine was as good! Still feeling around with H.T.M.L. Thanks once more
Ralph Underwood

Date: 25 January 1997
Name: Arestides Cavadias
Where are you from?:
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: In the early 80's and as a First Class Machinist Mate of the US Navy I served a three year tour in the Greek Navy under the Personnel Exchange Program. I was assigned to D/T in Salamina. D/T was and probably still is the Greek Naval Base repair department. I worked out of the 38A shop along side some really fantastic Greek Officer and non commissioned Officers, as LCDR Stathis, LT miridakis, Warrant Officers Lirakos and Christoforatos Petty Officer Delidomanidis. Warrant Officer Christoforatos if I'm not wrong in 1983 transfered to the Tombazis.

Tombazis then was the pride of all the Greek destroyers. She part took in many operations somewhat short for US standards, with trips to Naples Italy. Of all the tin cans we did not have to worry about Tombazis because she was in great shape. As I remember nr1 SSTG was the only major problem being noise because of backlash, and I can't remenber exactly but something with the AFFF station back aft. Every time I went onboard I was treated with roalty by the Engineers. I still remember sitting in the Log Room going over the prints and paper work (some in Japaness) from her last overhaul in Yokosuka Japan.

Assigned to the Greek Navy was and continues to be the highlight of my career. Not many sailor can say that they have been to sea on ships like the Eldrige known as Leon in the Greek Navy, Fletcher class destroyers the Velos and Aspis, FRAM I and FRAM II ships the Miaoulis, Kanaris, Themistoklis, Kriezis and the Tombazis. I realy feel Honored to have had that opportunity. My name is Chief Warrant Officer Arestides Cavadias I am still on active duty, stationed on the USS Germantown (LSD-42) homeported in Sasebo Japan.

Date: 24 January 1997
Name: Mark Dixon
Where are you from?:
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: I road the DD-829, USS Miles C. Fox in 1975-76 when it was in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I found out that it too was sent to Greece, but for use as spare parts. Maybe it will help your old "can" stay afloat. If anyone has any info on the MC Fox please drop me a line.

Date: 23 January 1997
Name: Randy Voepel
Where are you from?: San Diego, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1970-1971
Comments: Gurke was my first ship as a pup right out of Radarman School. Great ship and crew, did one cruise off Vietnam and fired guns at various targets. I am an elected official and an insurance broker in San Diego. But still have fond memories of chipping the decks of the old Gurke.--Randy Voepel

Date: 21 January 1997
Name: Michael Waldrop
Where are you from?:
Years aboard Gurke: Dec 68 to Oct 71
Comments: I was an RM2 and made 3 Westpac cruises including the Siagon River trip in 69/70. Commander William Berger was the last CO, the second of 2 that were aboard during my tour. The Operations Officer was LT Brukner and the Comm Officer was ENS Sampson who later became the assistant Engineering Officer I believe.

I hung around with an RM2 named George Marples, a shy kinda guy. I was a boot RM3 when I came off the USS James E. Kyes DD-787 out of Long Beach. I was excess RM3 so the bureau sent me to the Gurke. I was on watch in Radio aboard the Gurke when the USS EVANS was cut in half by the HMS Melborne off the coast of the PI. .

Date: 18 January 1997
Name: Douglas A. Pierce
Where are you from?:
Years aboard Gurke: Feb. 73 to Feb. 75
Comments: Nice to see a real warship site! Hope to find others who have served on these fine ships. The Gurke was my second ship of nine total that I served on. Great memories, and great people.

Aloha, Douglas A. Pierce

Date: 17 January 1997
Name: Jon Hayden
Where are you from?: Oakland, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1973 to 1975
Comments: Worked in M Div. Served with some great guys. Danny, Wesley, George, Rick, Ed, Eddie Whit, Fat Pat, Mole, Hans, D.R., Squirrel, Roach, Charlie, Soft Croft. Where are you now...?

Date: 3 January 1997
Name: George English
Where are you from?: Houston, Texas
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: 4.0 Site!

Date: 3 January 1997
Name: William M. Freeman
Homepage: USS Rainoier AE-5
Where are you from?: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Years aboard Gurke: None, but I was in Westpac from 68 to 70 aboard ammunition ship USS Rainier- did we keep you supplied with 5"/38's ? I did a two week reserve cruise in 71 on the Gearing DD-710 so maybe I qualify as a Tin Can Sailor...Check out the Rainier Page.
Comments: Great page- I'm always looking for inspiration for mine !

Date: 28 December 1996
Name: Robert W. Lorenz
Where are you from?: Hershey, PA
Years aboard Gurke: 1951-1953

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