Date: 10 September 1996
Name: Andy Bobbett
Where are you from?: Originally from Great Falls, MT---Now living in Phoenix, AZ
Years aboard Gurke: Late 1960 to Feb. 1962
Comments: Hi Tom! I really like the Gurke Homepage, I think it will help us to connect with other crew members. If you think you might be a shipmate of mine please send me an email.--Andy

Date: 9 September 1996
Name: Larry R. Baker
Where are you from?: Lewistown, PA
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: I was an IC Electrician on USS Keppler DD-765 in early 60's. Looking for shipmates or reunion information. Based in Newport, RI. Participated in Cuban Missile Crisis. Desron 24.

Date: 9 September 1996
Name: Dean A. Robertson [for Elsie Gurke Geiger]
Where are you from?: Seattle, Washington
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: Signing in for Elsie Geiger, Sea-Tac, WA [No Computer]

Date: 3 September 1996
Name: Albertlea Hanson, LCDR USN ret     (Email address expired)
Where are you from?: Oroville, California
Years aboard Gurke: July 61 to November 62
Comments: I served as the Operations Officer and was aboard when we crossed the equator and went to Christmas island where we sunk the bat guano ship, because it was a menace to navigation. As I remember we had a lot of fun that day.

Date: 29 August 1996
Name: Ted Hall
Where are you from?: Fort Worth, TX
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: Excellent

Date: 28 August 1996
Name: Lynn M. Lorenz
Where are you from?: Sterling, VA
Years aboard Gurke: None but my Dad was on the Gurke
Comments: Tom--I finally made it! This is terrific! Lynn
Editor's Note: Lynn is the daughter of Bob Lorenz, the President of the Gurke Association----Tom

Date: 26 August 1996
Name: Thomas M. Michaelson     (Email address expired)
Where are you from?: Lincoln, Nebraska
Years aboard Gurke: September 1964 to August 1966
Comments: Most of my service was in the WV Division

Date: 24 August 1996
Name: E N Hindman
Where are you from?: Iowa
Years aboard Gurke:

Date: 24 August 1996
Name: Dave Crowell
Where are you from?: Payson, Arizona
Years aboard Gurke: 1959-1961
Comments: I was in the Fox Division

Date: 24 August 1966
Name: Anthony Straquadine
Where are you from?: P. O. Box 14657 Albuquerque, NM 87191
Years aboard Gurke: Date of Commission to June 1946
Comments: Summer of '96 news letter was great. Anthony Straquadine Plank owner.

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