USS Gurke Ships Log

1073 entries as of 12 September, 2017

Name:  Marty Hensley
Spouse:  Single
Address: 911
City:  Miwuk village
State:  Ca
ZipCode:  95346
Homephone:  2095917062
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  Emfn
Division:  Engineering
Comments:  I have fond memories of my life on the gurke. I came while in dry
dock and then went out for Tonkin gulf. Then phillipines and  Hong Kong.
Then when we went to Australia I loved that trip. Miss the fun we had
onshore too.

Name:  Larry R Bacon
Spouse:  Pamela
Address:  265 Cleveland St E
City:  Coopersville
State:  Mi
ZipCode:  49404
Homephone:  616-915-7145
Years AboardGurke-from:  1967
Years AboardGurke-to:  1968
Rank/Rate:  RD3
Division:  Radar Operations
Comments:  Thank you for this website. Looking forward to receiving information about the Gurke Reunion in 2018.


Name:  Wesley Kelly
Spouse:  Heidi
Address:  21875 Sawmill Flat Rd
City:  Sonora
State:  Ca
ZipCode:  95370
Homephone:  209-743-5864
Years AboardGurke-from:  1974
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  Qm2
Division:  Nav


Name:  Huite Carter
Spouse:  Deborah
Address:  1409 Kennys Way
City:  Round Rock
State:  Tx
ZipCode:  78665
Homephone:  9377764239
Years AboardGurke-from:  73
Years AboardGurke-to:  75
Rank/Rate:  EM3
Division:  E-Gang
Comments:  Had a great group of guys that helped me transition to being a
sailor, on board and on shore. Would love to catch up with those that spent
time during the last days of Big Grey.

Name:  Fred Edwards
Spouse:  Cyndi Edwards
Address:  608 SW 15th Terr
City:  Lee's Summit
State:  Missouri
ZipCode:  64081
Homephone:  816-213-8287
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975

Name:  Leonard evans
Spouse:  Linda
Address:  79 west rd
City:  Londonderry
State:  Newhampshire
ZipCode:  03053:  603 785 0093

Home phone:603 785 0093
Years AboardGurke-from:  1967
Years AboardGurke-to:  1971
Rank/Rate:  GM3
Division:  Weapons

Name:  Kenneth B Jackson
Spouse:  Georgia
Address:  10322 W Garnette Dr
City:  Sun City
State:  AZ
ZipCode:  85373
Years AboardGurke-from:  1957
Years AboardGurke-to:  1960
Rank/Rate:  EM3
Division:  Eng

ame:  Lawrence C. Phillips
Address:  897 Calmes Road
City:  Denham Springs,
State:  LA
ZipCode:  70706
Homephone:  985-969-3774
Years AboardGurke-from:  1945
Years AboardGurke-to:  1946
Rank/Rate:  Elec Mate 1st Class


Name:  Chuck
Spouse:  Brenda
Address:  2927 N 43rd St
City:  Waco
State:  Texas
ZipCode:  76710
Homephone:  254-709-3445
Years AboardGurke-from:  1961
Years AboardGurke-to:  1963
Rank/Rate:  MM2
Division:  M
Comments:  A time that I would not trade for anything.  Especially remember seeing the nuclear detonations at Christmas Island during Project Dominic.  BTW: All crew members present on board during Dominic should register with the VA as there are benefits associated with "Atomic Veterans".

There is a gap in the history of our ship b between the nuclear tests and entry into the FRAM refit.  Does anyone else remember patrolling in the South China Sea between Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines?

Name:  Leonard smith
City:  Mill creek
State:  Wa
ZipCode:  98012
Homephone:  425 501 8329
Years AboardGurke-from:  1961
Rank/Rate:  En3
Division:  R

Name:  lucky macrae
Spouse:  peggy
City:  aloha
State:  or
ZipCode:  97006
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  em2
Division:  r

Name:  Jack Visage
Spouse:  Barbara
Address:  108 West Pines Dr.
City:  Montgomery
State:  Texas
ZipCode:  77356
Homephone:  936-449-9715
Years AboardGurke-from:  2/72
Years AboardGurke-to:  2/74
Rank/Rate:  ENS/LTJG
Division:  Electronics/Comm

Name:  Bill Fonti
City:  Daly City
State:  CA
Years AboardGurke-from:  1964
Years AboardGurke-to:  1964
Rank/Rate:  GMG3
Division:  2nd

Name:  Jerry Murphy
Spouse:  Patricia McQuinn
Address:  10525 Balsa St
City:  Apple Valley
State:  Ca
ZipCode:  92308
Homephone:  760-221-1886
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  OS3
Division:  Operations

Name:  Terry Olson
Spouse:  Barbara
Address:  17006 NE 100th PL
City:  Redmond
State:  WA
ZipCode:  98052-3177
Homephone:  425 883 3059
Years AboardGurke-from:  1963
Years AboardGurke-to:  1965
Rank/Rate:  FTG2
Division:  WG

Subject: USS Gurke Shipmate Sign-up
Name:  John H. Townsend
Spouse:  Susan
Address:  1060 Alexandria Dr.
City:  San Diego
State:  CA
ZipCode:  92107-4115
Homephone:  6192231504
Years AboardGurke-from:  1969
Years AboardGurke-to:  1971
Rank/Rate:  Ens/LTjg
Division:  ASW
Comments:  Division Officer
Transferred to Naval Electronics Laboratory Center San Diego; ended up converting to civil service at NELC.


Name:  Brian Chester
Spouse:  Bonnie
Address:  901 Rim Rock Road
City:  Bailey
State:  CO
ZipCode:  80421
Homephone:  3038388689
Years AboardGurke-from:  1964
Years AboardGurke-to:  1966
Rank/Rate:  SH3
Division:  Supply
Comments:  Cut a lot of hair before arriving in port for liberty. I remember the party at the country club in Zamboanga. Ran the ships store during the '66 cruise to Vietnam.

Name:  Tom Sand
Spouse:  Sharon Sand
Address:  112 Rustle Road
City:  Jordan
State:  Mn
ZipCode:  55352
Homephone:  9524926546
Years AboardGurke-from:  1966
Years AboardGurke-to:  1967
Rank/Rate:  Em2
Division:  R

Name:  Thomas M. Michaelson
Spouse:  Marcia
Address:  901 Starview Lane
City:  Lincoln
State:  Nebraska
ZipCode:  68512
Homephone:  4024231984
Years AboardGurke-from:  1964
Years AboardGurke-to:  1966
Rank/Rate:  TM3
Division:  WA
Comments:  When we first pulled out of San Diego headed for westpac I got to be known as the bucket. After leaving Hawaii and the Doc I was cured of my seasickness. The time I served aboard was the greatest time of my life. She was a great ship whit the best crew to sail the seas.

Name:  Nick Koch
Address:  1236 E Oregon Ave
City:  Phoenix
State:  Arizona
ZipCode:  85014
Homephone:  602-695-1547
Years AboardGurke-from:  1972
Years AboardGurke-to:  1972
Rank/Rate:  Boatswains mate
Division:  Deck

Name:  Ken R Berger
Address:  POB 3116
State:  NC
ZipCode:  27573
Homephone:  3365042500
Years AboardGurke-from:  1965
Years AboardGurke-to:  1968
Rank/Rate:  FTG2 E5
Division:  WG

Name:  William A Beslow
Spouse:  Wai Ling
Address:  9333 Quail Ridge Dr
City:  Las Vegas
State:  Nv
ZipCode:  89134
Years AboardGurke-from:  71
Years AboardGurke-to:  74
Rank/Rate:  YN3
Division:  Ops
Comments:  Change of address

Name:  james j. brown
Spouse:  jo-ann  brown
Address:  67 yellow barn rd.
City:  freeville
State:  ny
ZipCode:  13068
Homephone:  607-327-1429
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  gmg-3
Division:  gun gang
Comments:  this sure brings back memories!

Name:  Allen DeNormandie
Spouse:  Margaret
Address:  15270 El Cameno Terrace  unit#1-E
City:  Orland Park
State:  Illinois
ZipCode:  60462
Homephone:  312-841-4883
Years AboardGurke-from:  1968
Years AboardGurke-to:  1971
Rank/Rate:  E-5   (QM-2)
Division:  Operations

ate: November 10, 2015
Name:  James ClarkD
Spouse:  Marla
Address:  PO Box 1543
City:  East Helena
State:  Montana
ZipCode:  59635-1543
Years AboardGurke-from:  1970
Years AboardGurke-to:  1972
Rank/Rate:  ST3
Division:  weapons
Comments:  Gurke was my first ship and my best ship.

Date: September 20, 2015

Name:  Michael Cox
Address:  Box 251
City:  Oquawka
State:  IL
ZipCode:  61469
Homephone:  (309)313-3302
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  Seaman/Deck Ape
Division:  Deck/Weapons

Date: September 9, 2015

Spouse:  NONE
Address:  8301 183rd Ave E.
State:  Washington
ZipCode:  98391
Homephone:  253 447 8685
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  m/m E-3
Comments:  Has Changed My Life For Ever. To All The Men I Met And To All Men BeFor I Proud To Say That I Servid With Many Brave Souls During My Time I Bless God   Frist Class Vettor & The  3 Class ELE. How Lost His Life In The Aft Engine Room During My Tour And To All Those That Lost There Lifes In All Wars  May You Always Be Rembered I Learned A Lot From All  And I;ll Take To My Grave.

Date: 7 August 2015

Name:  Terrance
Spouse:  Linda
Address:  10231 E 151st Court
City:  Brighton
State:  Colorado
ZipCode:  80602
Homephone:  303-655-1550
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  ETN-3

Date: 14 May 2015
Name:  Karl Witkowski
Address:  1352 S 5th Ave
City:  Wausaus
State:  WI
ZipCode:  54401
Homephone:  7152982025
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  E2
Division:  BT

Date: 18 February 2015
Name:  James M. Kelly
Spouse:  Candyce M. Kelly
Address:  14255 N. Ibsen Dr.
City:  Fountain Hills
State:  Arizona
ZipCode:  85268
Homephone:  480-836-9065
Years AboardGurke-from:  1967
Years AboardGurke-to:  1970
Rank/Rate:  BT1
Division:  B
Comments:  New e-mail address.

Date: 15 February 2015
Name:  Gary McDonough
City:  Pgh
State:  Pa
ZipCode:  15239
Years AboardGurke-from:  1962
Years AboardGurke-to:  1966
Rank/Rate:  MM3
Division:  M      Snipes

Date: 17 January 2015
Name:   Bob Skulsky
Spouse:  Leona Skulsky
Address:  161 Johns Ave
City:  Hazleton
State:  PA
ZipCode:  18201
Homephone:  570 455 8819
Years AboardGurke-from:  1963
Years AboardGurke-to:  1965
Rank/Rate:  ETN3
Division:  OE
Comments:  Considering attending the Reunion

Date: 11 January 2015
Name:  John Tripp
Spouse:  Shirley
Address:  921 Frazier st
City:  Valley Falls
State:  Ks
ZipCode:  66088
Homephone:  785 945 6777
Years AboardGurke-from:  1952
Years AboardGurke-to:  1952
Rank/Rate:  EM2
Division:  Eng
Comments:  6 mo tour-Jan-June

Name:  Thomas Jerome Miller
Spouse:  Carole Miller
Address:  6927 Fairview Street
City:  Anderson
State:  Indiana
ZipCode:  46013
Homephone:  7656445932
Years AboardGurke-from:  1967
Years AboardGurke-to:  1968
Rank/Rate:  E 3
Division:  Seaman

Name:  Bill Finney
Spouse:  Janet
Address:  204 Trolley Ct
City:  New Bern
State:  N C
ZipCode:  28560
Years AboardGurke-from:  1964
Years AboardGurke-to:  1965
Rank/Rate:  SK3
Division:  Supply
Comments:  Served with some great guys. Had some great liberties too. Somethings I will never forget. Loved Hong Kong!!!!!!!! Proud to have served on her great little ship.

Name:  Steve Brodell
Address:  13025 SE Tessa Street
City:  Portland
State:  OR
ZipCode:  97233
Homephone:  (503) 781-3540
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  OS3 / RD3
Division:  OI
Comments:  Fond memories of the old gray dog, call sign Roadhouse.  Would love to get in touch with old shipmates of the time I served on her.  I visited Captain Holly in Adrian, OR several years back.  He was a great captain, a really nice man.

Name:  john b. johnson
Spouse:  sharon
Address:  po box 258
City:  grand coulee
State:  wa
ZipCode:  99133
Years AboardGurke-from:  1970
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  bt2
Division:  b division
Comments:  I was the oil king from late 1971 to august 1973. Would like to hear from others.

Name:  Mathew J. Moen
Spouse:  Donna Moen
Address:  Portofino Cir.
City:  Palm Beach Gardens
State:  FL
ZipCode:  33418
Years AboardGurke-from:  1963
Years AboardGurke-to:  1966
Rank/Rate:  BT-3
Division:  B
Comments:  Great memories and ship mates.

Name:  Marvin Leroy Chambless
Spouse:  Barbara
Address:  255 N. Balm St.
City:  Yamhill
State:  Oregon
ZipCode:  97148
Homephone:  503-816-0722
Years AboardGurke-from:  1949
Years AboardGurke-to:  1953
Rank/Rate:  RM1
Division:  Commnications
Comments:  The Gurke was home to me for 4 years

Name:  Michael Waldrop
Spouse:  Katharina Waldrop
Address:  28304 Monks Drive
City:  Poteau
State:  Oklahoma
ZipCode:  74935
Homephone:  918 647-5842
Years AboardGurke-from:  1968
Years AboardGurke-to:  1971
Rank/Rate:  RM2
Division:  OC
Comments:  I enjoyed my time aboard the Gurke. I reported aboard the Gurke in Dec 1968 as a brand new RM3. I was promoted to RM2 a year later. RMC Harold R. Clarke, RMCS (RET), was the Chief Radioman during my time aboard the Gurke, I learned a lot from Chief Clarke. I have since retired as an RMC(SW) in Dec 1988 off the USS SAN DIEGO AFS-6 in Norfolk VA. I would not change a thing if I had to do it all over again.

Name:  Emmett Wallech
Spouse:  Felisa Wallech
Address:  13828 Countryside Drive
City:  Maugansville
State:  MD
ZipCode:  21767
Homephone:  301-791-5219
Years AboardGurke-from:  1970
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  BM3
Division:  Deck Divison
Comments:  Glad I came across this! Would like to receive a cruise book or info on how to obtain a cruise book on crossing the equator, 72, 73. Thank you!

Name:  William Finney
Spouse:  Janet
Address:  204 Trolley Ct
City:  New Bern
State:  N C
ZipCode:  28560
Homephone:  252-772-8203
Years AboardGurke-from:  1964
Years AboardGurke-to:  1965
Rank/Rate:  E4 Storekeeper
Division:  Supply
Comments:  A lot of good times and great friends

Name:  Donald Biggs
Spouse:  Patricia
Address:  637 19 Street
City:  Evanston
State:  Wyoming
ZipCode:  82930
Homephone:  307 789 5453
Years AboardGurke-from:  47
Years AboardGurke-to:  48
Rank/Rate:  First class seaman
Division:  Gunners mate striker
Comments:  Left ship in May of 48 while we were in Japan

Name:  Larry O. Hutchinson
Spouse:  Hilea
Address:  4185 N. Stardust Rd.
City:  Kingman
State:  AZ
ZipCode:  86409
Homephone:  928 715-3811
Years AboardGurke-from:  1960
Years AboardGurke-to:  1963
Rank/Rate:  SOG2
Division:  Fox
Comments:  Interesting experience serving on the Gurke. Met a large number of great crew members.

Name:  Robert Cross
Spouse:  deceased
Address:  9322 Van Buren
City:  Crown Point
State:  Indiana
ZipCode:  46307
Homephone:  2196639749
Years AboardGurke-from:  1952
Years AboardGurke-to:  1954
Rank/Rate:  qmsn
Division:  N
Comments:  Ken Masters was our officer.MY wife1 passed away, last week, April 16th/ 14

Name:  FRANCIS THOMAS Kozakiewicz
Spouse:  LENA M.  Kozakiewicz
Address:  1103 old country road
City:  elmsford
State:  new york
ZipCode:  10523
Homephone:  914-592-7160
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  BTFN
Division:  DD783

Name:  Ted Roche
Years AboardGurke-from:  1962
Years AboardGurke-to:  1966
Rank/Rate:  BT 3
Division:  B division

Name:  Robert R. Hernandez
Spouse:  Lou Hernandez
Address:  309 University Ave
City:  San Antonio
State:  Texas
ZipCode:  78201
Homephone:  210-732-2208
Years AboardGurke-from:  1952
Years AboardGurke-to:  1956
Rank/Rate:  MM3
Division:  Engineering

Name:  Melvin Tynan
Spouse:  Patricia
Address:  8747 E 34th Place
City:  Yuma
State:  Arizona
ZipCode:  85365
Homephone:  9283422033
Comments:  We have an address change. We have been to some previous reunions. Thanks. mt

Name:  Jerry M Agan
Spouse:  Brenda
Address:  240 Hart Rd
City:  Elizabethton
State:  Tn
ZipCode:  37643
Homephone:  423-292-1312
Years AboardGurke-from:  Apr
Years AboardGurke-to:  Aug
Rank/Rate:  BT3
Division:  B
Comments:   Only onboard for a few months waiting for discharge in 1966. I later went back to active duty in 1973 and retired in 1990 as BTC

Name:  Harold Clarke
Spouse:  Jackie
Address:  17717 Oatfield Road
City:  Gladstone
State:  Oregon
ZipCode:  97027
Homephone:  503 653-7500
Years AboardGurke-from:  1968
Years AboardGurke-to:  1971
Rank/Rate:  RMC
Division:  OC
Comments:  My Navy career ended with my transfer to the Fleet Reserve in 1974, having advanced to RMCS while stationed at Naval Communications San Francisco, my last active duty assignment.
My three year tour in U.S.S. Gruke was the highlight of my naval service. In my humble opinion I was not part of a crew, but rather a part of an extraordinary family, headed by CDR. Berger, our captain.
I went on to a job with the Coca Cola Co., winding up as a sales manager in 1995.

Subject: USS Gurke Shipmate Sign-up
Name:  Gary L McDonough
City:  Pittsburgh
State:  Pa
ZipCode:  15239
Homephone:  4127950304
Years AboardGurke-from:  1962
Years AboardGurke-to:  1965
Rank/Rate:  MM3
Division:  M

Subject: USS Gurke Shipmate Sign-up
Name:  Nolan Ralph Cordon
Spouse:  Roberta Cordon
Address:  82 E. Windsor Court
City:  Bountiful
State:  UT
ZipCode:  84010
Homephone:  8014725648
Years AboardGurke-from:  1950
Years AboardGurke-to:  1953
Rank/Rate:  HM
Division:  ?
Comments:  This is Nolan Cordon's grandson Dallin Cordon, son of Derek Cordon. I'm 16 years old am looking for more information about my grandpa. I know he was on the Gurke during the Korean War and I think he was on board during the Inchon Invasion where the Gurke served as a sitting duck. I should mention my grandpa died in 2011 from age complications. Any information would be great. Thank you!

 Subject: USS Gurke Shipmate Sign-up
Name:  Paul McGee
Spouse:  Dottie
Address:  40 Riley Ave.
City:  Plattsburgh
State:  N.Y.
ZipCode:  12901
Homephone:  518-562-1650
Years AboardGurke-from:  5-58
Years AboardGurke-to:  12/5
Rank/Rate:  MM/2
Division:  M
Comments:  Loved the Navy should have stayed in, especially loved those Tin Cans! I was on 3 of them.

Name:  Maryanne Kosmas daughter of Jules N.Raabe
Spouse:  Victoria R. Raabe
Address:  666 Upas Street
City:  San Diego
State:  Ca
ZipCode:  92103
Years AboardGurke-from:  1945
Rank/Rate:  Chief Machinist Mat
Comments:  My father, Jules N. Raabe served on the Gurke, I believe in the forties. He was a Chief Machinist Mate, he retired in 1955 and taught at San Diego Naval training base. 

Name:  Gordon R Karmenzind
Spouse:  Evelyn
Address:  94 South Desoto Street
City:  Beverly Hills,
State:  Fl
ZipCode:  34465
Homephone:  3525273128
Years AboardGurke-from:  1947
Years AboardGurke-to:  1949
Rank/Rate:  BT3
Division:  Enginering

Name:  Mark VanOsdol
Address:  1924 Centreville Ave
City:  Belleville
State:  Illinois
ZipCode:  62220
Homephone:  4024294243
Years AboardGurke-from:  1972
Years AboardGurke-to:  1974
Rank/Rate:  HT2
Division:  R
Comments:  Left ship as E3 made E5 as a reserve in Omaha, NE

Name:  John Shotsberger
Spouse:  Kay Shotsberger
Address:  6841 Veterans Way, Box 81
City:  Ickesburg
State:  Pa
ZipCode:  17037
Homephone:  717 438 0006
Years AboardGurke-from:  1972
Years AboardGurke-to:  1974
Rank/Rate:  PN3
Division:  OPS
Comments:  Served during Viet Nam conflict, stood scope watches a while in CIC, later stationed at VF-194 and Bureau of Naval Personnel. 

Name:  JERRY
Spouse:  ANN
Address:  3922 AUBURNDALE ST.
State:  CA.
ZipCode:  92111
Homephone:  (858) 569-1408
Years AboardGurke-from:  1959
Years AboardGurke-to:  1962
Rank/Rate:  RM2
Division:  OC

Name:  Dennis Mahoney
Spouse:  Nancy
Address:  3 Clarendon Lane
City:  Hilton Head Island
State:  South Carolina
ZipCode:  29928
Homephone:  508-735-8920
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  7194
Rank/Rate:  LT
Division:  Engineering
Comments:  Came on board as MPA and fleeted up to ENG when Bill Center left.  After Gurke attend grad school at MIT and transferred to Engineering Duty (ED) community.  Had subsequent tours at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, NAVSEA HQ (Head H&ME Systems Engineer for DDG-51 Class design), Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (Design Division Superintendent), Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey CA (NAV ENG Curricular Officer), NAVSEA (SEA-56 Director of the Hull, Mechanical & Electrical Group...responsible for all non-nuclear HM&E equipment, life cycle support and design development), NAVSEA Director Surface Ship Design & Systems Engineering, Asst Sec Navy office of Acquisition Career Management, 1st Program Manager for DDG-1000 in mid 90's during program start up...then called SC-21), final tour was Professor of Naval Construction and Engineering at MIT.  Retired on June 28, 1999 as a Captain after 30 years on active duty.

Name:  Sondra Nigherbon
Address:  2205 E. Linden Street trailer #37
City:  caldwell
State:  id
ZipCode:  83605
Homephone:  208-899-5981
Comments:  My dad served in the navy from 1968 to 1972. Some of you might remember at guy named Steve Nigherbon. Well you guess right and I'm his daughter. Steve Nigherbon was a wonderful father and grandfather. He was the happiest man ever with his family. He passed away last year in October. He enjoyed being in Navy. If anyone you remember him feel free to email and I would love to hear your stories about dad and if any of you have pictures of him please email me copies... Thank you Steve Nigherbon's daughter Sondra L. Nigherbon

.Name:  Donald E. Thomason
Address:  12701 N. Penn. apt-395N
City:  Oklahoma City
State:  Oklahoma
ZipCode:  73120
Homephone:  405 837 8713
Years AboardGurke-from:  56
Years AboardGurke-to:  56
Rank/Rate:  SN Quarter Master
Division:  O Division
Comments:  I served from Feb. 56 to Dec. 56.   I made one of the highest score on the seaman exam and was promoted to the bridge to be a Quarter Master Signalman. I was transferred to the U.S.S. Taussig when the Gurke went to Hunters Point for overhaul after our 6 month westpac cruise. Since i was an active reservist they saw fit to put me on the Taussig.

Name:  peter vaselo
Spouse:  alice vaselo
Address:  101 johnson ln.
City:  yantis
State:  tx.
ZipCode:  75497
Homephone:  9033356169
Years AboardGurke-from:  1961
Years AboardGurke-to:  1962
Rank/Rate:  corpman
Comments:  is there anyone out there that served aboard the gurke at this time.

Name:  Woody A. L. Schamber
Spouse:  Betty J Schamber
Address:  ?
City:  Bradenton
State:  FL
ZipCode:  34207
Homephone:  941 755 4830
Years AboardGurke-from:  1966
Years AboardGurke-to:  1969
Rank/Rate:  sn
Division:  deck

Name:  peter vaselo
Spouse:  alice
Address:  101 johnson ln.
City:  yantis
State:  tx.
ZipCode:  75497
Homephone:  903 383 3142
Years AboardGurke-from:  1961
Years AboardGurke-to:  1963
Rank/Rate:  hm

Name:  Dennis M. Johnson
Spouse:  Widower
Address:  2428 Cedar Pointe Drive
City:  Janesville
State:  Wisconsin
ZipCode:  53546
Homephone:  608-295-4456
Years AboardGurke-from:  1959
Years AboardGurke-to:  1961
Rank/Rate:  SHSN
Division:  Supply

Comments:  Operated Ship Store and did duty with Mott in the Laundry

Date: 15 February 2013
NName:  Francis (Frank) Medosch
Spouse:  Gerry Medosch
Address:  3809 Belfast Road
City:  Cincinnati
State:  Ohio
ZipCode:  45236
Homephone:  1-513-891-8431
Years AboardGurke-from:  1951
Years AboardGurke-to:  1954
Rank/Rate:  don't know
Division:  don't know
Comments:  I am the brother of Frank Medosch seeking any information re:  Gurke.
Frank died of lung cancer many years ago.  We are compiling Frank's military information.  Greatly appreciate any help with information about the Gurke during 1951-54.  Thank You

Date: 12 February 2013
Name:  Robert C Davis
Spouse:  Brenda J Davis
Address:  1245 E. Mt. Morris rd.
City:  Mt. Morris
State:  Mi.
ZipCode:  48458
Homephone:  810-686-1983
Years AboardGurke-from:  65
Years AboardGurke-to:  67
Rank/Rate:  FTG2
Division:  fox

Date: 25 January 2013
Name:  Wiley Chandler
Spouse: Chiyoko
Address:  4107 Rosewood Terrace
City: East Stroudburg
State: PA
ZipCode:  18301
Homephone: 973-682-5828
Years AboardGurke-from:  1973
Years AboardGurke-to:  1975
Rank/Rate:  EW1
Division:  OE
Comments: Previous entry has changed, new email address and new home address.

Date: 14 Janurary 2013
Name:  Edwin E. Broadhurst
Spouse:  Alice
Address:  23 Roper Bay
City:  Kettle Falls
State:  Washington
ZipCode:  99141
Homephone:  5097384949
Years Aboard Gurke-from:  1972
Years Aboard Gurke-to:  1974
Rank/Rate:  Lt
Division:  Ops
Comments:  Hello

Date: 8 December 2012
Name:  William Beslow
Address:  182 Riverdance Lane
City:  Packwood
State:  Washington
ZipCode:  98361
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1973
Rank/Rate:  HA  1/c
Division:  Operations

Date: 19 August 2012
Name:  John (Jack) Nye
Address:  5277 Hedgewood Road
City:  Columbus
State:  Ohio
ZipCode:  43229-4429
Homephone:  614.375.2025
Years AboardGurke-from:  1971
Years AboardGurke-to:  1972
Rank/Rate:  ET1

Division:  Communications

Date: 16 August 2012
Name:  Richard B,  [Dick ] Hageman
Spouse:  Doreen
Address:  126 River Oaks Drive
City:  Cold Spring,
State:  Minn.
ZipCode:  56320
Homephone:  1-320-685-4197May
Years AboardGurke-from:  5/46
Years AboardGurke-to:  7/46
Rank/Rate:  HA  1/c
Division:  Deck Hand and Medica

Date: 17 July 2012
Name:  Louis E Froelich
Spouse:  Deborah
Address:  1085 Robertson RD
City:  Gallatin
State:  Tenn
ZipCode:  37066
Homephone:  615-452-2014
Years AboardGurke-from:  1965
Years AboardGurke-to:  1969
Rank/Rate:  MM-3
Division:  M
Comments:  Would be nice to see old Ship Mates

Date: 10 July 2012
Name:  George Harold Roest
Spouse:  Martha
Address:  1185 E. Norton Ave.
City:  Muskegon
State:  MI
ZipCode:  49445
Homephone:  231-739-8684
Years AboardGurke-from:  1947
Years AboardGurke-to:  1951
Comments:  This is a new email address

Date: 07 July 2012
Name:  James E. Crumrine
Spouse:  Natividad L. Crumrine
Address:  2107 Hockley Ct.
City:  Orlando
State:  Fl
ZipCode:  32837
Homephone:  407 859 3461
Years AboardGurke-from:  1968
Years AboardGurke-to:  1970
Rank/Rate:  Ensign
Division:  Operations, EMO

Date: 06 July 2012
Name:  Bert M Bounds
Spouse:  Ina L Bounds
Address:  8968 PalmQuist Rd # B
City:  Tracy
State:  California
ZipCode:  95304
Homephone:  2092079565
Years AboardGurke-from:  1953
Years AboardGurke-to:  1957
Rank/Rate:  Seaman/Deck Hand
Division:  ??????
Comments:  Hello my name is Kim Segmiller.. I'm writing to you in regards too my Father Bert M Bounds! I was so hoping to get some info or even a Picture of my Father. My Father is in very Grave Condition and I would love to make his Dream come true.. He has always wanted to see if perhaps any of his Shipmates are still here with us today! He left out of San Diego, Ca I believe in 1953 on The USS GURKE, I know he was in Japan and Hong Kong. I sure hope you might be able to help me and my Family. His DD-214 # 440-3451 I Believe this is it.In listed Aug 19th 1953 Out In Feb 27 1957 ! Medal For National Defense ! In the reserve's tell Aug 1961... Specialty SN-0032-25 !My Family and I would so appreciate if you could help us find anyone of his Buddy's and or Pictures... Thank you for your help and taking time to read this Message. Kim Segmiller and Family :)

Date: 29 June 2012
Name:  eugene a. cunningham  (popcorn)
Spouse:  linda s. cunningham
Address:  222 loraine dr.
City:  des allemands
State:  louisiana
ZipCode:  70030
Homephone:  (985) 306-0237
Years AboardGurke-from:  12/5
Years AboardGurke-to:  6/59
Rank/Rate:  fireman
Division:  aft fireroon
Comments:  looking forward hears from old ship mate

Date:01 June 2012
Name: Mike Helderman
Email :
Address:2900 N Bryant Ave.
City: Edmond
State: Oklahoma
Zipcode: 73034
Homephone: 405-715-9990
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1967
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1968
Rank/Rate: RMSN
Division: OC
Comments: For laughs, see me on youtube at "BOXER BIONIC BENNY HARJO"

Date:28 April 2012
Name: Ken Burger
Email :
Spouse: Lee-Anne Berger
Address: pob 580583
City: Kissimmee
State: Florida
Zipcode: 34758
Homephone: 863-344-1999
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1965
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1968
Rank/Rate: E5 FTG2
Division: WG
Comments: Trying to update my previously expired email address. Thanks Ken

Date: 17 April 2012
Name: Robert F.Scott
Email :
Spouse: Iwana F. Scott
Address: 2107 Chanticleer Avenue
City: Santa Cruz
State: California
Zipcode: 95062
Homephone: (831)345-5662
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1949
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1952
Rank/Rate: Seaman First Class
Division: 1st Divison
Comments: First Served In Japanese Ocupation, Then Served in Korean War. Was On The Gurke During The Inchon Invasion And Part Of The "Sitting Ducks" Where Six Destroyers Entered Inchon Bay To Receive And Return Fire On Womi Island At Point Blank Range. Small Craft Operator. First Loader on 40mm Quad Gun on Starboard Side Upper Deck Near First Exhaust Stack.

Date: 10 April 2012
Name: Tom Pearson
Email :
Spouse: Rosann
Address: 9997 Muffin CT
City: San Diego
State: Ca
Zipcode: 92129
Homephone: 619-823-8733
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1970
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1974
Rank/Rate: ETN2

Date: 4 April 2012
Name: Bobby B. Lee
Email :
Spouse: Kathryn
Address: 9432 Castlebrook
City: Shreveport
State: La
Zipcode: 71129
Homephone: 318-686-4075
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1951
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1954
Rank/Rate: BM3
Division: 2nd
Comments: I had registered years ago but have changed my e-mail add.

Date: 2 April 2012
Name: Harry D. Telles ( died oct,19 2011)
Email :
Spouse: Lucy
Address: 1906 Gladys Dr.
City: Las Cruces
State: New Mexico
Zipcode: 88001
Homephone: (575) 649-8618
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1969
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1972
Rank/Rate mm2
Division: Navy
Comments: Hi, I am writing because my husband Harry of 33 years, passed away and I need help in verifying that he died because of exposure to agent orange. He died of the cancer Sarcoma, and it is one of the cancers that is associated with agent orange. We found it in July and he was gone in Oct 2011. Way too soon. I need some of his shipmates to let me know if Harry set foot in Vietnam while he was on the Wespac cruise 1969. The VA needs proof. I appreciate any help from his shipmates.

Thank you

Lucy Telles

Date: 23 March 2012
Name: George O. Broussard
Email :
Address: 5902-10 Spring-Stuebner Rd.
City: Spring
State: Texas
Zipcode: 77389
Homephone: 281-755-7939
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1974
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1976
Rank/Rate: BTFN
Division: B
Comments: I loved my time aboard the Gurke. I learned a lot. And stayed in for 15 years. I changed to engineman, because of my duties in the reserve unit I was assigned to. I made chief while there. Wished I could have stayed in longer. And miss the fun times I had on the Gurke.

Date: 12 March 2012
Name: Steven Gruett
Email :
Spouse: na
Address: 4316 Longfellow Ave.
City: Minneapolis
State: MN
Zipcode: 55407
Homephone: 6128862736
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1971
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1975
Rank/Rate stg2
Division: wa
Comments: Looking forward to seeing you guys at the reunion in May.

Date: 8 March 2012
Name: Steven Saulnier
Email :
Spouse: Lucille Saulnier
Address: 161 E Avenue
City: Coronado
State: CA
Zipcode: 92118
Homephone: 619-435-2554
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1974
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1975
Rank/Rate: LCDR
Divison: XO
Comments: XO under CDR Holland and CDR Ward. Returned from Yokosuka homeporting to San Diego in 1975.Departed in December 1975. Continued to serve untill 1993.

Date: 3 March 2012
Name: Gerald Larsen
Email :
Spouse: Annette Larson
Address: 1570 S 280 E
City: Orem
State: UT
Zipcode: 84058
Homephone: 801-225-6912
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1950
Years aboard Gurke-to

Date: 1 March 2012
Name: Robert Dowd (Bobby)
Email :
Spouse: Janet
Address: 3816 Wade Rd.
City: Columbus
State: OH
Zipcode: 43232
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1969
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1971
Rank/Rate: RM3
Divison: OC
Comments: Changed my e-mail address


Date: 15 February 2012
Name: Gordon L Reynolds
Spouse: LV
Address: 4144 W Libby Street
City: Glendale
State: AZ
Zipcode: 85308
Homephone: 602-843-2120
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1957
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1960
Rank/Rate: MM3
Divison: M
Comments: Would like to say I think this is a great web site about the USS Gurke and proud to say I served aboard. However, I do not find anyone I served with that I remember. Of course it has been 45 years and we all know what time does to the memory. If anyone remembers me, say HI.


Date: 25 January 2012
Name: Richard E. Cheney
Address: 41/2 & Ira II
City: Petersburg
State: Alaska
Zipcode: 99833
Homephone: 907-518-0659
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1972
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1974
Rank/Rate: E4
Divison: B

Date: 18 January 2012
Name: James Shoemaker
Spouse: none
Address: 2510 Lower Lake Rd
City: Seneca Falls
State: Ny
Zipcode: 13148
Homephone: none
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1973
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1975
Rank/Rate: MM3
Divison: M

Date: 17 January 2012
Name: Louis E. Froelich (Frog)
Spouse: Deborah
Address: 1085 Robertson Rd
City: Gallatin
State: TENN
Zipcode: 37066
Homephone: 615-452-2014
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1965
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1969
Rank/Rate: MM-3
Divison: M
Comments: We had a lot of fun and a lot of sad times, but we knew a lot of good men and drank a lot of good beer.

Date: 12 January 2012
Name: Phillip S. Vincelett, jr.
Spouse: Carol
Address: 2954 sage view dr.
City: Alpine
State: CA
Zipcode: 91901
Homephone: 619-445-5016
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1968
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1971
Rank/Rate: E-3
Divison: Weapons
Comments: Enjoyed and miss my shipmates. Has anyone seen/heard from Mike Gillis, Ken Muery,supply(sorry about spelling), Nigerbond?

Date: 24 December 2011
Name: John Stewart
Spouse: ?
City: Lakeside
State: CA
Zipcode: 92040
Homephone: 619-390-8747
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1971
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1974
Rank/Rate: EW1
Divison: OE

Date: 02 December 2011
Name: Carl Robert Krohn (Deceased)
Spouse: Ruby Krohn
City: Boulder City
State: NV
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1947
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1948
Division: FC-3
Comments: On 12/1/2011, Carl passed away. He is survived by his wife Ruby, daughter Kim and grandchildren, Chris and Megan. He was a 33rd Degree Mason, Past Master of the Old West Lodge, F and AM, Newhall, California. He will be greatly missed.

Date: 17 November 2011
Name: John F Emanuelson
Spouse: Mary
Address: 334 Cherry St.
City: Negaune
State: Mi
Zipcode: 49866
Homephone: 9064756220
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1968
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1970
Divison: BM


Date: 10 November 2011
Name: Grandville W. Sprayberry Jr
Address: 5425 Urbanview St.
City: Fort Worth
State: Texas
Zipcode: 76114
Homephone: 817-625-9223
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1963
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1967
Comments: A lot of growing up went on during this time.I remember the PT Boats and putting the Vietnam survivors on the mess deck above our compatrment.

Date: 19 October 2011
Name: Sam C Lyckholm
Address: 469 Shady Dell
City: Crestline
State: CA
Zipcode: 92325
Homephone: 9093385863
Years aboard Gurke-from: 1966
Years aboard Gurke-to: 1969
Comments: Caught the Gurke on Yankee Station out of FLTTRACEN San Diego. Spent 3 yrs. Spent last year NAVSUPPACT Danang as BM3 on YFU55 hauling cargo in I Corps. Those four years contain some of the greatest [growing up] memories and memories in general of my life. Feel free to contact me at res1vixp @

Date: 09 October 2011
Name: James H Kelly
Spouse: Margot
State: FL
Zipcode: 34112
Homephone: 239-774-4973
Years aboard Gurke-from: 5/57
Years aboard Gurke-to: 12/5
Comments: Helped me grow up!

Date: 08 October 2011
Name: Karla Gurke Johnson
Spouse: Harold Johnson
Address: 1805 1ST AVE E
State: North Dakota
Zipcode: 58801-3501
Homephone: 701-572-6200
Years aboard Gurke:n/a
Comments: Henry Gurke was my uncle. I used to get the mail version of your newsletter, but am thinking it is now sent via email. I hope I can attend the reunion you are planning in 2012 in Minneapolis. I just found an old photo of my grandparents celebrating thier 60th wedding anniversary, where they opened the extra bottle of wine received during the commissioning of the Gurke. Let me know if that would be of interest for the family photos page.

Date25 September 2011
Address:4147 E. Clarendon Ave
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Homephone: 602-761-0100
Years aboard Gurke:1971-1973
Rank/Rate: fn
Comments?:the days young men learned to become men. Wounderful ship. Wounderful men. Feel free to contact me.

Date:1 September 2011
Name: Dan R. Burnett
Spouse: Gwendolyn
Address: 7621 Avenue E 1/2
City: Santa Fe
State: Texas
Homephone: 409-925-8821
Years aboard Gurke:1967-1968
Rank/Rate: MR3
Divison: R
Comments?: If anyone remembers me send me an email, sure would like to hear from some of the guys I served with.

Date:11 August 2011
Name: Jerrold L Semmons (Deceased)
Where are you from?:Cottonwood, AZ
Years aboard Gurke:1945-1946
Comments?: My father, Jerrold L Semmons, died 03 Feb 2008, but was in contact with some of his old shipmates. I would love to hear from any one of his crew.
Krystal Semmons

Date:4 August 2011
Name: Huite
Where are you from?: Springboro, OH
Years aboard Gurke:1973-1975

Date:3 August 2011
Name:Billy Gilliam
Where are you from?:Mountain View, CA.
Years aboard Gurke:1944-1946
SEAMAN First Class


Date: 2 August 2011
Name:Joseph J. Beaudine
Where are you from?:Rosemont, Minnesota
Years aboard Gurke:1973-1976
Comments?: This is an update to my old information when I lived in Minneapolis I am now completely retired and am 69 years old. I sure wish I could find Charlie Andrews. I called Columbia CT and they had only one Andrews living there and it was the wrong one. I loved all of you guys on the Gurke and I was the only one on there from North Dakota. I still email Stauner CM4 and Tasassas SKe who live in Washington.


Date: 20 July 2011
Name:Steven Gruett
Where are you from?:Minneapolis, Minnesota
Years aboard Gurke:1971-1975


Date: 28 June 2011
Name:John T. Grzyb jr.
Where are you from?: Capac, Michigan
Years aboard Gurke:6/70-9/71
Comments: ?


Date: 27 February 2008
Name: Roger Bowman
Where are you from?: IRVIN, CA
Years aboard Gurke:RM3 OC 65-67


Date: 26 June 2007
Name: Steve Nigherbon
Where are you from?: Nampa, ID
Years aboard Gurke: 1968-1961
Comments: I was doing a geneology search and came across my name in the log. I recognized a few names and decided to log in. A great time in my life. Definatly a learning experience. Does anyone remember returning from Westpac and dealing with " The Gurke Ghost"? Great site.


Date: 1 June 2007
Name: Jim Lewis
Where are you from?: 103/ 7 Bay Drive, Pialba Qld.4655, Austrailia
Years aboard Gurke: 1961-1962
Comments: I enjoyed my time on the old Gurke, and would like to hear from any of the ET gang or any other sailor aboard whom might have known me. I made ET-2 prior to being discharged. I now live in Australia, and love it.


Date: 21 May 2007
Name: Joseph W Pike
Where are you from?: Victorville, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1967-1969


Date: 1 May 2007
Name: Kerry Hansen
Where are you from?: Bremerton, WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1958-1959
FT3 FOX Division
Comments: First cruise


Date: 1 May 2007
Name: Samuel E Gordon
Where are you from?: Stockton, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1945-1946
S2c Shops Service


Date: 28 April 2007
Name:Michael Krasnow
Where are you from?: Oklahoma City, OK
Years aboard Gurke: 1958-1960


Date: 23 April 2007
Name:John B. Johnson
Where are you from?: Spokane Valley, WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1970-1973
E-5 BT2 B-Oil King 1971-1973


Date: 15 April 2007
Name:William Dooley
Where are you from?: Maynard, MA, LA
Years aboard Gurke: 1969-1969
Comments: I enjoyed my time on the Gurke. The westpac trip was every educational, traveling to all the different countries.


Date: 10 April 2007
Name:Lonnie DuFour
Where are you from?: Marksville, LA
Years aboard Gurke: 1975-1976


Date: 10 April 2007
Name:Vern Brown cscss Retired
Where are you from?: Tillamook , OR
Years aboard Gurke: 1954-1957


Date: 6 April 2007
Name:Bob Bledsoe
Where are you from?: Portsmouth, RI
Years aboard Gurke: 1965-1967
Comments: Lt. Engineering


Date: 6 April 2007
Where are you from?: San Diego, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1955-1958
Comments: I joined the US Navy on June 29 1954 at Sangley point, Cavite, Phil We were about 100 recruit ferried on board USNS Gen. sultan destination to San Francisco, 17 days travel with high seas all the way. Most of the passengers are military and dependents. From San Francisco to San Diego Boot camp with six month regid training.I went to Class A school at RTC Great Lakes for three months as Steward. Upon graduation I was lucky to choose my duty station on board USS GURKE DD783 at west coast while he was dry dock Vallejo, Ca in Jan 1955. Its almost 4 long years on board with every 6 months deployments. Make 2 trips to Sydney, Australia In 1958 with the help of CDR Rosenberg the skiper authorized me to change my rating to SN and I was advance to DK3 and was transfer to US Naval Magazine Subic. Phil. I have lots of memory during my stay on Board USS GURKE DD 783.


Date: 29 March 2007
Name:George B Kaspar
Where are you from?: Milaca, MN
Years aboard Gurke: 1958-1060
Comments: None


Date: 29 March 2007
Name:Kerry Hanson
Where are you from?: Fort Wayne, IN
Years aboard Gurke: 3 years
Comments: This was my first ship and I had a great time. Remember Dave Montgomerty, Jim Moran, Tommy Romero, Gil Vasquez, Duane Schuetze and many others. Would love to hear from them or others that I might not remember the names right now.


Date: 6 April 2007
Name:Jerry R. Johnson
Where are you from?: Middletown, NJ
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1974


Date: 6 April 2007
Name:Barry T Gnecco
Where are you from?: Norwood, NJ
Years aboard Gurke: 1965-1967
Comments: FTG3 WG


Date: 29 March 2007
Name:Donald E Davison
Where are you from?: Fort Wayne, IN
Years aboard Gurke: 3 years
Comments: None


Date: 25 March 2007
Name:Alex Myrill
Where are you from?: East Stroudsburg, PA
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1972
Comments: This is a great website. My friend and also former shipmate EN2 Perry found this site and told me about it. Looking through the site I did recognize some names of former shipmates and I would be thrilled to here from them. God bless all of us who served aboard the GURKE! IC2, E DIV



Date: March 8, 2007
Name: Michael S. Jaskulski
Where are you from?: Ludington, MI
Years aboard Gurke: 1972-1973
Comments: Great site, ship, & crew. HT3 R DIV


Date: February 17, 2007
Name: Larry J. Perry, Sr.
Where are you from?: Vallejo, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1974
Comments: Comments: Found this site by accident and was amazed at what I see, This is Great! After reading I can remember the trip from San Diego to Yokosuka Japan. The comments made by George Cooper was right on the money, Good to see you Sir. I can get that Salt out of my system, I enjoy fishing on my own boat and love telling my Sons about the good times on the "Gurke". Outstanding job done on this web-site. God Bless you all.


Date: February 17, 2007
Name: Robert A. Short (Bob)
Where are you from?: Monterey Park, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1962-1966
Comments: LOOKING AT THIS PAGE REALLY BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES. Wondering the where abouts of James Flood, Gary McDonough, Teddy Roche, Charles Gower, or any other buddies I had aboard ship. Using my son's e-mail address but feel free to contact me...Thanks


Date: February 16, 2007
Name: Jim Botonis
Where are you from?: Pueblo West, CO
Years aboard Gurke: 1968-1969
Comments: Hope to see old shipmates at the reunion 2007. I have a few old photos to share.



Date: 14 February 2007
Name: Larry Larkins
Where are you from?: Goose Creek, SC
Years aboard Gurke: 1959-1962
Comments: A great website.The Gurke was my 1ST ship coming out of 'A' school and I picked her up in Frisco where she was in drydock. The ship was a punishment for turning down sub school (right).Thirty years later and numerous ships the Gurke was the class of them all. When I have a sea story its usually about my shipmates from the Gurke and some of the incidents, like the Easter egg hunt on the way back from WestPac, firing a Mk15 Torpedo at an abandon guana ship or finding a monkey with a noose around his neck being towed by 21 thread that the TMs used to drag swabs after morning watch.I bet the Greeks even found easter eggs during heavy seas.I'm going to pass this website to my neighbor Charles Decker TMSN aboard Gurke now retired LCDR. Remember that old saying about being kind to your juniors ??

Date: 13 February 2007
Name: Bill Helman
Where are you from?: Columbus, Ohio
Years aboard Gurke: 1959-1962
Comments: I spent almost 3 years of a good time on the Gurke with some long lost good frends We did CHRISTMAS ISLAND, AUSTRALIA, CHINA AND JAPAN. CAPTAIN KIPE WAS good comander and a fair one, as I well know due to a missed ship's movement escapade by me and a few of my ship mates. I look forward to hearing from anyone from the past.

Date: January 29, 2007
Name: James H. Tucker
Where are you from?: Livingston, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1955-1957
Comments: 2nd Division

Date: 27 January 2007
Name: Edward Elmore Tripp
Where are you from?: Acworth, GA
Years aboard Gurke: 1960-1964
Comments: I was a Boatsman, then kept records of ordering food and the use.


Date: 16 January 2007
Name:Jim Murry
Where are you from?: Marshall, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: Hopefully He'll see us in Colorado Springs

Date: 17 December 2006
Name:Robert Waugh
Where are you from?: Centralia, WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1950-1953
Comments: I don't think we will make the 2007 reunion do to illness. This is my first try on a computer. I did find the webpage and looked at all the mames of shipmates what a good feeling just seeing them. I'll keep looking. RE Waugh BTC retired.

Date: 17 November 2006
Name:Erold Sanger
Email: None
Where are you from?:Alda NE
Years aboard Gurke:1968 - 1969
Comments: MM2 During the West Pac Cruise 1969. Spent 10 years in tne Navy and got out Dec. 1969.

Date: 13 November 2006
Name:Crague H. Emerson
Where are you from?: Livermore 3868, East Ave CA 94550
Years aboard Gurke: 1952 to 1956
Comments: I have already signed into the ships log years ago, but I am changing my web address from to I am doing fine. Still working full time as a
Registered Nurse. On board the Gurke, I finished as SO2. I married again to a much younger woman
and we have three daughters, aged 11, 13, and 17. I would welcome any communication from other
crew members. I am going to try to make the reunion this year. Your shipmate: Crague Enerson SO2

Date: 11 November 2006
Name:Tony Gomez
Where are you from?: Douglas, AZ
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Served on board the U Just surfing into your log entry..Served on Board the USS Helena CA75 from Sep59 to Jun 62..All my tour of duty was in the Personnel Office (PN3)..Might have reenlisted or separated some shipmates that were on board during the above dates..Made alot of friends on board..sure would like to hear from the Old Shipmates..some might have been transferred to the Gurke or might just be reading this entry and remember this Shellback....Great Website on the Gurke..have a nice reunion..Smooth Sailing...Tony Gomez

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