Log Book 92

Date: 30 October 2006
Name:Stanley Brown
Email: stanfbrown@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: El Dorado Hills, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1957-1958
Comments: "OI"

Date: 26 October, 2006
Name:Ron Medina
Email: rmedina2@peoplepc.com
Where are you from?: Santa A, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1965-1967
Comments: Served on Gurke '65-'66 Vietnam. Great shipmates.

Date: 26 October, 2006
Name:Randy Musso
Email: mussorandy@yahoo.com
Where are you from?: Thornton, CO
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: E-3 QM Hey all anyone ever hear from Jerry Eklund?

Date: 19 October 2006
Name:Wiley Chandler
Email: wiley.chandler@verizon.net
Where are you from?: East Stroudsburg, PA
Years aboard Gurke: 1973-1976
Comments: I was an EW in Gurke. Cross-decked to the USS Lockwood in '76. Reading some of the log entries brought back a lot of memories. I miss those days, strange as it may seem..

Date: 18 October 2006
Name:Mike Burns
Email: writingheart@optonline.net
Where are you from?: Saddle Brook, NJ
Years aboard Gurke: 1972-1974
Comments: M DIV - Best ship I was ever On.

Date: 6 October 2006
Name:John W. Spence
Email: j-b-spence@msn.com
Where are you from?: Bradenton, FL
Years aboard Gurke: 1958-1960
Comments: Please keep me posted on the reunion plans. I don't know if we'll make it, but would love to. I have a bunch of pictures and slides from my time on board, just tell me where to send them. RD2 Radar

Date: 5 October 2006
Name:Robert C. McCann
Email: claire@pldi.net
Where are you from?: Bradley, OK
Years aboard Gurke: 1950-1953
Comments: My husband, Robert C. McCann, served aboard the USS Gurke during the Korean conflict. He was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on March 24, 2005 and died the next month on April 28th. He spoke a lot about the fellas he was onboard with and was very fortunate to have had the quality of men that served with him. I was blessed and honored to have been his wife and friend for the years we had together. Thank all of you for serving our country as you have done and God bless you and America.

Date: 16 September 2006
Name:Phil Thacher
Email: michnphil@worldnet.att.net
Where are you from?: El Cajon, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1970-1971
Comments: STG2 AS DIV

Date: 28 August, 2006
Name:Gary McDonough
Email: garymcdonough@verizon.net
Where are you from?: Pittsburgh, PA
Years aboard Gurke: 1962-1966
Comments: I remember the first day aboard ...It was a day that changed my life...I became a man at a ripe age of 18. I went through a FRAM in Seattle and moved to a new home port in San Diego. Being a fireman was like being at the bottom of the food chain but little did I know it would turn out to be the best possible thing that ever happend. We were a family all in our own. We shared everything. MM and BT shared a living space like no other. Always a good time. I remember the day I got a message from the Navy Dept while I was home on leave To report back to the ship ASAP. We had just enterd the War with VEIT NAM. The day I will never forget....

Date: August 21, 2006
Name:Dale Pewitt
Email: dalepewitt@comcast.net
Where are you from?: Franklin, TN
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: My father was served on the USS Gurke He was Postal Clerk. His name was William James Pewitt, he was from Franklin, TN

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