Log Book No. 67

Date: 27 April 2002
Name:Bill Thomas
Email: ramfanbill@aol.com
Where are you from?: Gardnerville, NV
Years aboard Gurke: 1974-1975
Comments: I was one of the last sailors abord her before she was decommissioned. Then I went aboard the USS Constilation CV64 that sucked. I was a tin can sailor at heart.

Date: 23 April 2002
Name:Lonnie Eugene Easlety
Email: krkns@shawneelink.net
Where are you from?: Galatia, IL
Years aboard Gurke: 1968-1969
Comments: Very important, someone please contact me asap.

Date: 16 April 2002
Name:CAPT Donald G. Norton, USN (Ret.)
Email: dnorton@anacostia.com
Where are you from?: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Years aboard Gurke:
Comments: Son of CAPT Marvin D. Norton, USN (Ret.), former Commanding Officer, USS Gurke.

Date: 16 April 2002
Name:Don Saar
Email: thesaars@pacbell.net
Where are you from?: Granite Bay, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1953-1954
Comments: I traded from the Sproston to the Gurke in Pearl Harbor as the Gurke was passing through on the way to Japan. Tom Cheatum was on the Gurke already. We had become buddies while attending FT School in San Diego for a year, just after boot camp. Tom and I resumed our friendship through telephone calls in 1999. He encouraged me to attend the reunion in 2000 and again in 2001. We will remain lifelong friends, Thanks Tom!

Date: 15 April 2002
Name:Paul McGee
Email: h2obeagle@msn.com
Where are you from?: Plattsburgh, NY
Years aboard Gurke: 1958-1958
Comments: I was Shanghi'd off the U.S.S.Fechteler D.D.R.-870 out of Long Beach and it was a blessing in disguise as the Gurke was about to go to South America to escort the carrier Ranger around the Horn. This was a most welcome cruise after three Wes. Pac cruises on two other Can's and a chance to see some more of the world I'd never been to before. I spent 47 month's in the Navy and I never regreted a second of the time, I spent 32 month's over seas out of the 47,most of it on the move. The first 23 months were on a Can out of Pearl Harbor and that ship never got back to the states , then did a great cruise on the Fechteler to Wes. Pac .. Via Pearl, Pago Pago, "Wellington,New Zealand", Manus,Admiralty Islands, Guam, some rock off Iwo Jima for gunnery shoot and finaly Yokosouka six weeks after leaving Long Beach.

Date: 2 April 2002
Name:Cal Acord
Email: cacord0993@aol.com
Where are you from?: Thousand Oaks, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1965-1967
Comments: I enjoyed my tour of duty aboard the Gurke as a young man of 20 to 22. Never forget pulling into Zamboanga and the Capt. deciding to anchor instead of mooring to the warf as planned. Liberty Call!!!! Hello to all of my shipmates and "drinking buddies".........would enjoy hearing from you guys........Cal

Date: 1 April 2002
Name:Larry Downing
Email: ladowning2@cox.net
Where are you from?: Phoenix, AZ
Years aboard Gurke: 1971
Comments: The Gurke was my first ship. I arrived on Gurke just in time for the midshipmen cruise to Seattle and Hawaii, then left before the move to Yokosuka. Saw many familiar names on this awesome website and hope some of you have good memories of me.

Date: 31 March 2002
Name:Marion Walton
Email: No Email
Where are you from?: Eugene, OR
Years aboard Gurke: 1964-1967
Comments: EMCRetired 1 March 1967

Date: 29 March 2002
Name:Bill Creber
Email: DUBUSEE@aol.com
Where are you from?: Santa Monica, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1951-1953
Comments: GREAT SITE! Would love to hear back from Holman, Cheatum, Lewis, Jonesy, Leonard,and any one else in the Fire Control Division. (I transferred to the USS Sprostom DDE 577 in 1953). Looking forward to Monterey 2003!

Date: 25 March 2002
Name:Frank A Young
Email: fyoung@allidaho.com
Where are you from?: Pocatello, ID
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: TM2 WA DIV
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