Log Book No. 65

Date: 4 March 2002
Name:Marvin Arend MM I
Email: mgarend@customcpu.com
Where are you from?: Anchorage, AK
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Served on the Henderson DD785 1955-1959 sister ship of Gurke, Rowan and Sutherland Des Div 51. Looking For the Chief Snipe who came aboard the Gurke about 1957 from Pueblo Colo Recruiting office. He signed me up! Had some great liberty with you guys. Marv

Date: 1 March 2002
Name:Russ Brill
Email: FRBRILL@msn.com
Where are you from?: West Chester, OH
Years aboard Gurke: None

Date: 28 February 2002
Name:Richard L. Fuchs
Email: rlfinyuma@aol.com
Where are you from?: Houston, Texas
Years aboard Gurke: 1969-1974
Comments: I found this website through classmates.com.

Date: 7 February 2002
Name:Alois A. Beste
Email: frminc@albanytel.com
Where are you from?: Freeport, MN
Years aboard Gurke: Feb 1956 to Feb 1957
Comments: Fireman, Division: M

Date: 6 February 2002
Name:Bob Peterik
Email: bpeterik@scichefs.com
Where are you from?: Gold Canyon, AZ
Years aboard Gurke: 1961-1962
Comments: I am very excited to find this web site. I was aboard the Gurke at Christmas Island when we crossed the equator and became a shellback on April 11 1962. I have been looking for Neil Zelinsky for many years as we grew up together and were stationed aboard the Gurke after boot camp. I would also like to hear from anyone who was aboard at the same time.

Date: 5 February 2002
Name:Thomas J. Reilly
Email: reiltp@att.net
Where are you from?: Selbyville, Delaware
Years aboard Gurke: 1951-1952
Comments: Entered by his proud son Steve

Date: 3 February 2002
Name:Frank A. Young
Email: fyoung@allidaho.com
Where are you from?: Chubbuck, Idaho
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: I am proud to have served on her during some of her glory days!

Date: 22 January 2002
Name:George Soloman
Email: solomagm@appliedbiosystems.com
Where are you from?: San Jose, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1973-1975
Comments: Wat'z up??? I ran into someone that served aboard the USS Gurke DD783 which was a thrill. He gave me the web site. Loyde Doyle, Jim Walker, etc. Please contact me. George Soloman E4 - Boiler Tech.

Date: 13 January 2002
Name:Jose Ruben Ramon
Email: gabe1262@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: Mirando City, TX
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: This is a great site! I never served in the USS Gurke but I served on the USS Clarion River in Viet-Nam, and proudly so. Best wishes to all mates and to your reunions , may they be great! I hope to someday to attend one with some of my shipmates as well! God Bless!

Date: 12 January 2002
Name:Vance Holt
Email: holt7322@msn.com
Where are you from?: Buena Park, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1953-1954
Comments: FP3 Repair Division
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