Log Book No. 63

Date: 1 December 2001
Name: Dean Davies
Email: dbdavies.architect@verizon.net
Where are you from?: Everett, WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: I was a BT in the aft fireroom and had a great time or at least it was when I forget the bad times. A few of us learned how to ride a unicycle courtesy of MM Shipp. It was interesting upon return to port how awkward riding felt on solid ground. Manuia, Dean

Date: 29 November 2001
Name: John C. Speelman
Email: rmcs1@eohio.net
Where are you from?: Minerva, OH
Years aboard Gurke: 1971-1973
Comments: Retired as RMCS(SW) in 1986 at Naval Weapons Station Earl Colts Neck New Jersey.

Date: 28 November 2001
Name:John Howard Davis
Email: jhdavis@telecom.dgs.ca.gov
Where are you from?: Granada Hills, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1972-1974
Comments: ETNSN

Date: 27 November 2001
Name:Crague H. Emerson SO2
Email: hidalgo1933@sbcglobal.net
Where are you from?: Livermore, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1956
Comments: I have already signed the log. My E-Mail address has been changed, therefore I am sending this with my new address. See you all at the reunion in Baltimore. If anybody has knowledge of Andy L. Wilfong SO1 and/or Daryl F. Lacher SO1 or SO2, please let me know. Both served on the Gurke around 52 to 56. Thanks--- Crague (EMO) Emerson SO2

Date: 26 November 2001
Name: Grady W. Pickens ll
Email: gp1812@attbi.com
Where are you from?: Springfield, OR
Years aboard Gurke: 1/70 - 9/71

Date: 26 November 2001
Name:John S. Couture, Jr
Email: RanaeCouture@aol.com
Where are you from?: Grand Rapids, MI
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: My father John (Jack) Couture was on the USS Gurke from 1946-1950. We came across a photo with Jack and some shipmates which helped me locate this web-site. Would like to hear from anyone that served with him on the USS Gurke.

Date: 24 November 2001
Name:Janvier W Husfelt
Email: JWHUS1@aol.com
Where are you from?: Elkton , MD
Years aboard Gurke: 1947-1952

Date: 22 November 2001
Name:George Busby
Email: poet@cox-internet.com
Where are you from?: Cecil, AR
Years aboard Gurke: 1950-1954
Comments: I would like to hear anyone you served on this ship. You can send an email to the address given but it is my son's in Mountain Home, Ar. I am fixing to set up my own address.

Date: 21 November 2001
Name:Jennifer Gurke
Email: jgurke@mts.net
Where are you from?: Winnipeg, MB
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Distant relative

Date: 18 November 2001
Name: James Borden
Email: Bmercyja@aol.com
Where are you from?: Vacaville, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1967-1968
Comments: I was a Storekeeper 3rd Class on board. I was reassigned to Subic Bay, Philippines. I was promoted to 2nd class. After 2 + years at Subic, I got out of the Navy. Six Months later I joined the U.S.Air Force. I stayed the cource, to get my 20 years, and Retired as a MSgt (E-7).
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