Log Book N0. 31

Date: 1 June 1999
Name:Ed Zeigler
Where are you from?: Concord, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1965/1967
Comments: Hello shipmates. I am working for Honeywell, IAC as a Program Director. I am on temporary assignment to a project at Chevron in Richmond, California. My home is in Livingston, Texas. Syble is still putting up with me after 35 years so I'm not all bad.


Date: 1 June 1999
Name:Al Tilley
Where are you from?: Cupertino, CA
Years aboard Gurke: NA
Comments: I was on the Henderson from 1953 to 1956 and spent many an OOD watch in company with Pepco. Best wishes to all of you, may your reunion be a roaring success.


Date: 1 June 1999
Name:Ronald Neil Zelinsky ( SKI )
Where are you from?: Phoenix, AZ
Years aboard Gurke: June 1962 till Jan 1964
Comments: I was aboard the Gurke during the tests at Christmas Island and became a Shellback on that Cruise. I remember many good times and great shipmates. I was discharged while we were in Fram in Washington. I can remember standing watches with Joey Wallaby licking the shoe polish off my shoes and not being able to stop him because the CO was standing there.
I have been looking for Richard Durso and Corpsman Van Tassel for a long time and if any body knows were they are please let me know.


Date: 31 May 1999
Name:Jack Robinson No Email
Where are you from?: Modesto, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1945-1946
Comments: Would like to hear from you.


Date: 29 May 1999
Name:Kenneth Briar
Where are you from?: Lake Stevens, WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1/66 to 9/69
Comments: Just found this page and sure was surprized to see the number of names that I still remember. We did some heavy duty steaming in those days, some good memories. Howard Krech, Bob Neaves, Terry York, and several others. If any of you see this drop me an e-mail.


Date: 22 May 1999
Name:Steve Ahnmark
Where are you from?: Magalia, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1973-1975
Comments: I am really interested in finding a very good friend that was on this ship. his name is Bob Titus. there are other people that I am also looking for. Jim Tilghman, Johnny C. Taylor, Capt. Holland anyone ever stationed on the gurke please respond to this message!


Date: 20 May 1999
Name:Gray, John F. , Jr
Where are you from?: Lynn, MA
Years aboard Gurke: N/A
Comments: I had spent reserve duty aboard the USS Compton, DD705, during the summer of '68 ? '69. We traveled to and visited Halifax, N.S.
Although this was my only duty onboard a 'Can', I enjoyed it the most. My active duty was onboard the USS Allagash, AO 97 and had spent time in the Med'.


Date: 16 May 1999
Name:James L. Doud (U.S.S.Greene DD-781)
Where are you from?: Emporium, PA
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Can't find the Green so I signed yours. Tin can sailors rule the sea. took me back a lot of years.


Date: 11 May 1999
Name:Brooks, Curtis V. (Bud)
Where are you from?: Salt Lake City, UT
Years aboard Gurke: 1957 /1958
Comments: This is exciting to find . I was aboard the Gurke 57/58. I went to Radio School in Banbridge Md., finished high in the class and was awarded top pick in billets. I picked San Francisco. The gave it to me. I boarded the Gurke at Hunters Point. (Today is an interesting but difficult place to visit). We were in dry dock for about a week. Went out to sea a couple of trial runs and turned south to San Diego for our home port. I recognize a few names of some officers who I used to have sign for messages. I remember one operation where I was picked part of a crew to be "high lined" over to the Henderson to evaluate their Radio Crew during an exercise. The officers went first. I was the last to be sent over and just as they started me going across, they changed directions. At that point, the lines were going up and down because of the ships rolling back and forth, causing slack and tension alternately. First I would go almost into the sea, then next I would be catapulted up above the line. It was one of my more exciting times aboard. Sherm Tite, Benny Montegue and I were transferred to Guam the spring of '58 to join the crew at Radio Barrigada, a transmitter station. Great golf and fun. Anybody remember or recognize, give me a call. brxrep@aol.com


Date: 9 May 1999
Name:Sherman Tite RM3
Where are you from?: Evansville, IN
Years aboard Gurke: 1957-58
Comments: Comments: My time aboard the Uss Gurke was a wonderful experience. I look back on that period with many fond memories. I would not exchange it for anything in the world..

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