Date: 19 January 1999
Name:Robert Holder
Where are you from?: Spokane , WA
Years aboard Gurke: 1953 - 1955
Comments: Tom, thanks for the effort on the web site, and also am enjoying the Gurke newsletter.

Date: 19 January 1999
Name:Lawrence A Lowe BM3
Where are you from?: Eustace, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 51-53
Comments: Just looking for anyone I might know

Date: 17 January 1999
Name:Robert (Bob) Krause
Where are you from?: San Bruno, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1956
Comments: I was in the 2nd Div. / S Div. I left Gurke as a SNSK in March of 1956. I ran with the Levine brothers and Milton (uncle Milty) Heath.

Date: 16 January 1999
Name:Bill Loane
Where are you from?: Toulon , IL
Years aboard Gurke: 0
Comments: Just visiting! I served aboard the Charles H. Roan DD 853 in 1972.

Date: 16 January 1999
Name:John P Bundarin, Jr (Jack)
Where are you from?: Placentia, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1959 - 1962
Comments: Fox Division - ASW, Ens - Ltjg

Date: 15 January 1999
Name:Larry Elliott
Where are you from?: Decatur, IN
Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1955
Comments: I was on the Gurke from 52-55. I was an EN2 in the A Division and also the boat engineer.We have attended the last two reunions and thoroughly enjoyed them. Plan to go to Norfolk in April.

Date: 10 January 1999
Name:C. M. Hocking Bt1 Ret.
Where are you from?: Banks, Oregon
Years aboard Gurke: mid 70's
Comments: I was in charge of the fwd fireroom and repair 5 for gq

Date: 10 January 1999
Name:John D. Ippert
Where are you from?: Charleston, West Virginia
Years aboard Gurke: 69-71
Comments: The USS Gurke was one great experience. I made my 1st West Pac in her. She was one of the best performing ships (engineering wise) I've ever been on.

Date: 4 January 1999
Name: David Hawk
Where are you from?: Slidell, LA
Years aboard Gurke: 1960-1961
Comments: Reported aboard Dec. '59 and left ship March '61. Lt(SC) Supply Div.

Date: 4 January 1999
Name:Raymond J Moreau
Where are you from?: Herndon, VA
Years aboard Gurke: 1972-1973
Comments: Very happy to be searching the site and found the ships of Destroyer Squadron Fifteen.
I will attempt to make the reunion in April in Norfolk, VA
RMC Ray "Frenchy" Moreau
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