Date: 30 December 1998
Name:Ivan R. Abshire
Where are you from?: Proctorville, OH
Years aboard Gurke: 1966-1967
Comments: I would like to hear from anyone who was on the ship at that time. Look forward to the reunion. Would like to find Felix Romero,Jerry Bellefeuille, Steve Boyd, and anyone else I ran with.


Date: 28 December 1998
Name:Dennis Bernard
Where are you from?: Hatboro, PA
Years aboard Gurke: Oct65 to Oct68
Comments: I was SFM3 in the R Div. I was also the ships rescue swimmer. I played on the ships softball team.
I still talk every month to Bobby Jacobs, he was a Gunners Mate. We will both be at the reunion in Norfolk


Date: 11 December 1998
Name:Robert E. Canup No Email
Where are you from?: Yucaipa , CA
Years aboard Gurke: 0
Comments: I served aboard the Halsey Powell D.D. 686 from 12-62 to 8-66 looking at all this ships history and photos brings back many memories of Desron7


Date: 25 November 1998
Name:Andrew J. Newmaster
Where are you from?: Verona, PA
Years aboard Gurke: 1965-1966
Comments: FTG3 WG Division I was aboard Gurke from the spring of 1965 to Oct. 1966. I served with Jerry Colley and Ken Berger. I still remember Capt. Wilson's nick name "Hot Rod Wilson". I was his driver most of the time.


Date: 25 November 1998
Name:William Weber Jr.
Where are you from?: Cincinnati, OH
Years aboard Gurke: 1947/1951
Comments: Gunner Mate 2/C Served under three changes of command.


Date: 19 November 1998
Name:Edward Mazzilli
Where are you from?: King of Prussia, PA
Years aboard Gurke: 0
Comments: Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the better Web sites out there. My Father was on the Gyatt (712) and I have been doing research on his destroyer but have been using these other sites for backround and additional info.

Again, you have one of the better sites. Very informative.


Date: 18 November 1998
Name:Roger Pekrul
Where are you from?:

Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1955
Comments: Good site Tom---Like your wav file. One great evening I remember well is just before sunset in Wonson harbor Korea. All hell broke loose--my GQ station was in the main battery director--our job was to shoot back---we tried to find one target---there were too many--while running and laying smoke mount 3 was really getting a work out--after licking our wounds that night and calling on big mama the New Jersey to help out--we did it again. My time on the Gurke was some of the best times of my life--which at that time I didn't think so.
Good site Tom---See you later.


Date: 15 November 1998
Where are you from?: KEARNY, NJ
Years aboard Gurke: 0


Date: 14 November 1998
Name: DAVID MONTGOMERY Email Address Expired
Where are you from?: WICHITA FALLS , TEXAS
Years aboard Gurke: 69-73


Date: 8 November 1998
Name:George Weatherford GMG2
Where are you from?: Amarillo, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1972-1973
Comments: Hello to all my old Shipmates. We worked hard & played just as hard.

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