Date: 4 October 1998
Name:Genaro (Jan) Oliveri
Where are you from?: Timberon, NM
Years aboard Gurke: 1952/1954
Comments: So glad we heard about this. Welcome news, glad to be aboard.


Date: 4 October 1998
Name:Alexander R. Rodriguez Email Address Invalid
Where are you from?: Hesperia, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 6-50 to 12-53
Comments: Some of the best times of my life, great crew, great ship. Looking for shipmates. GQ 40mm port-deckhand. In charge was PB Howard and Chief Booth


Date: 4 October 1998
Name:Fred Alexander Cashion
Where are you from?: Easley, SC
Years aboard Gurke: 1951 thru 1953
Comments: I was a radioman aboard the GURKE from Feb 1951 to Oct 1953. RM3C.


Date: 27 September 1998
Name:Pasquale (Pat) Saccone
Where are you from?: Ontario, CA
Years aboard Gurke: USS.ROWAN. DD-782
Comments: Hi, Good web page. George Docktor referred me to the USS Gurke web page. He stated another FC3 was in the plot room with a good pc. And I agree. I served on the USS Rowan DD782 in 56-57.


Date: 18 September 1998
Name:Charles J. Karp (EM2 1/73-1/75)
Where are you from?: Deerwood, MN
Years aboard Gurke: 1/73-1/75
Comments: In going through some of my old Gurke stuff, I came across a brass Gurke Plaque that I had sent home when I was in Japan in 1973-74. I see now there was one purchased in the 'net---


Date: 18 September 1998
Name:Charles Rissmeyer
Where are you from?: Coon Rapids, MN
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: This weekend my father-in-law (Sidney Roy) found out about your USS Gurke web page I discovered earlier. I wasn't there, but my wife says he was very excited. He was part of the shake-down crew on the USS Gurke when it was commissioned, and he was serving on the ship in 1945 and 1946 as the officer in charge of the ship's laundry. He says he was on-board when that picture of the high-speed trials was taken and was on the ship during the Okinawa Typhoon in WWII.

Please add him to the log summary, and use my email address ( as the contact.

Charles (Chuck) Rissmeyer

Date: 7 September 1998
Name:Bill Adams
Where are you from?: Leesville, LA
Years aboard Gurke: USS Rowan 1975-Decommissioning
Comments: Nice site. Brought back many memories of my time on the Rowan DD782. And I still think your BTs gagged their safeties, during that race off of California, on the way to San Diego. :) When you're out of FRAMS Your out of Cans! Love to hear from any Lockwood, Rowan, Cleveland or Gallery sailors, I served on them all.


Date: 3 September 1998
Name:Bobby Cupp
Where are you from?: Missouri City, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1965/1968
Comments: Just wanted to Say Hi.


Date: 28 August 1998
Name:Theo Malliotakis
Where are you from?: Athens, Greece
Years aboard Tombazis: 1987-1990
Comments: CPO EW Division


Date: 23 August 1998
Name:Richard J. Hartman
Where are you from?: Denver, CO
Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1953
Comments: Fire Control Technician

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