Date: 23 August 1998
Name:Bill Argo
Where are you from?: Victoria, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1971
Comments: I was stationed onboard USS Gurke until her homeport was changed to Yokosuka, Japan then reassigned to USS Chicago.


Date: 21 August 1998
Name:Deborah Bonanni
Where are you from?: vacaville, CA
Years aboard Gurke: N/A
Comments: I never served aboard the USS Gurke, but find it utterly amazing that I have never heard of it before. My maiden name is Gurke, and I know there are very few of us in the United States. I am now embarked on a search to learn as much as I can about the ship. Any assistance you can provide will be much appreciated.


Date: 21 August 1998
Name:John E. Jones
Where are you from?: Omaha, NE
Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1953
Comments: Served aboard the U S S Southerland DD/DDR 743 1952-1953 FTSN Our reunion is in Baton Rouge Oct29-Nov1 1998. Embassy Suites Hotel, Come visit us.....Smooth Sailing...John


Date: 17 August 1998
Name:John Santopietro
Where are you from?: Harrisburg, PA
Years aboard Gurke: N/A
Comments: GMGC retired ex tin can , gaitor freighter sailor . John W Weeks DD-701,Clarion River LSMR 409,Terrell County LST 1157, Washtenaw cty LST 1169,USS Mitscher DDG-35, USS Thomas Hart FF1092, Two shore tours in the Orient and one Stateside.Retired May 1982.
God am I getting old . Excellent web page .


Date: 12 August 1998
Name:Norm Gassett
Where are you from?: Springfield, VT
Years aboard Gurke: 1946


Date: 14 August 1998
Name:Ron Burkhart
Where are you from?: Branson, MO
Years aboard Gurke: 1970-1971
Comments: Operations - Radioman, Sid -- give me a call


Date: 12 August 1998
Name:Ken Berger
Where are you from?: Round Rock, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1965-1968
Comments: FTG2/E5, Division: WG, Great Web site !


Date: 3 August 1998
Name:Louis H. Mick
Where are you from?: Newport News, VA
Years aboard Gurke: 1946-1948
Comments: My Dad Harvey Morey contacted Louis today for the first time in over 50 years and with his permission I have entered his name in this log so that he may be contacted for the next reunion. We are trying to look up other crew members.
I would like to add that my Dad had a fantastic time at the last reunion.
Dave Morey


Date: 1 August 1998
Name:Richard Wallace
Where are you from?: Weatherford, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1950-53
Comments: Was in 2nd division


Date: 1 August 1998
Name:David Q Sayer (D Q)
Where are you from?: Columbus, OH
Years aboard Gurke: N/A
Comments: I served aboard the USS Blue (DD 744) from 11/60 thru 11/62. Your home page is well done.

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