Date: 29 July 1998
Name:Jerry M. Agan
Where are you from?: Elizbethton, TN
Years aboard Gurke: 1966-1966
Comments: Only onboard a few months waiting discharge. Later went back to active duty and retired as BTC in 1990. Have a cruisebook for 1966. Remember a BT2 Riggs.

Date: 21 July 1998
Name:Larry Fahey
Where are you from?: Denver, CO
Years aboard Gurke: 11/71 - 6/72
Comments: Came on board from the Henry W. Tucker DD-875 when the Gurke was starting it's Desron 3 deployment in Japan.

Date: 21 July 1998
Name:Philip Tsirtsonis
Where are you from?: Athens, Greece
Years aboard Tombazis: 1981-1991
Comments: I am Ensign in Greek Navy. I was abroard HS TOMPAZIS (USS GURKE) for ten years as electronics technitian. Greetings to all my friends who were taking E.T. school on Great Lakes NTC during 1983-1984.

Date: 15 July 1998
Name:John Avedisian
Where are you from?: Dearborn Heights, MI
Years aboard Gurke: 1945-46
Comments: My brother, James Avedisian was a third class machinest mate during WW2. He was on board from 45-46.

Date: 11 July 1998
Name:Donald Jurkovich GM No Email Address
Where are you from?:

Years aboard Gurke: 52 to 56
Comments: I really miss my ship and feel bad that she was sold to Greece. I know we were hit three different times and would like the phone numbers of the crew members that wore on it 1952 to 1956. I've been in ill health but since they are having a reunion closer to my home I may be able to attend.

Date: 5 July 1998
Name:George Doktor
Where are you from?: Sanoma, CA
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Tom I believe a Lt. Lyle Lefler transfered from the Rowan DD 782 to your ship back in the early 50's. He doesn't go to any of the Rowan reunions. He now lives in Tucson, AZ and I can provide his address and telephone number if anyone is wants them.
Keep the wind at your stern --- George Doktor

Date: 5 July 1998
Name:Robert L. Cole
Where are you from?: Downsville, LA
Years aboard Gurke: 1974
Comments: Came on board in Feb.1974. Transferred to U.S.S. Worden sometime in late 1974. Served on the Worden till Oct. 1975.

Date: 3 July 1998
Name:John Kuncas
Where are you from?: Export,Pa.(east of Pittsburgh)
Years aboard Gurke: 52-54
Comments: Gurke Home Page is an outstanding achievment-thanks Tom

Date: 2 July 1998
Name:Carroll D. Walls
Where are you from?: Marble Hill, MO
Years aboard Gurke: 1951 thru 1954
Comments: It was great to hear from Tom Cheatum. I knew there was a USS Gurke Assoc. around, but didn't know how to find it. Let me hear from some of you guys out there. Fire Control Tech., Gunners Mates, etc.
Carroll Walls FT2

Date: 25 June 1998
Name:Clifford M Hocking BT1 Ret.
Where are you from?: Banks, Oregon
Years aboard Gurke: Can't remember
Comments: Great Site
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