Date: 7 June 1998
Name:Randy Voepel
Where are you from?: Santee, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1970-71
Comments: She was a good Cherry popper


Date: 5 June 1998
Name:Robert Struble
Where are you from?: Rapid City, South Dakota
Years aboard Gurke: 1948-1952
Comments: TM3


Date: 4 June 1998
Name:Bernard Vic Mayhle
Where are you from?: Spokane, Washington
Years aboard Gurke: 1950-1954
Comments: Where are all the Quartermasters?


Date: 31 May 1998
Name: Max M. Michaelis FC 3 Email Address Bad
Where are you from?: Coarsegold, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 1948 to 1951
Comments: I picked up ship at Bremerton Wash in dry dock. Made one cruise to Japan and another to Korea. Participated in the Inchon invasion as the radar operator of the fire control radar. Got to watch all the action through field glasses as we weren't using the radar. Sat right beside Si Darling. Played baseball on the ships team all the time I was aboard (I pitched). Left the ship when she returned to Korea for the second time. Had second thoughts and tried to reenlist but the Navy would not return me to the ship so I enlisted in the AF


Date: 29 May 1998
Name:Chuck Battenberg RD3
Where are you from?: Lebanon, OR
Years aboard Gurke: Jan 52 to Apr 55
Comments: I went aboard the Gurke fresh out of Class "A" Radar School T.I. First cruise was up the west coast of Korea patrolling Route CIGARETTE. We took shore fire but escaped without hits. Captain Radel wanted to go back in but the "Limy" in charge said "Clear the area". I didn't even know where my GQ station was but I soon learned. My last weeks on board were off San Diego doing UWTE. We had four rated people in the gang including John Crocker, Ken McDievett, George Nolan and me.

I see on the Gurke page Ens Briggs, he was the best CIC Officer I had. Best wishes to any and all crew members. My FAX is (541) 451-7637. Would like to hear from the old gang.


Date: 29 May 1998
Name:Dina Coffey
Where are you from?: Hickory, NC
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: What a great group of men there are from the USS GURKE!


Date: 27 May 1998
Name:Gene Tortone
Where are you from?: Elizabeth City, NC
Years aboard Gurke: 1966-1968
Comments: Made the first three reunions; however, missed the last two. Plan to attend the 1999 reunion in Norfolk.

Date: 25 May 1998
Name:Robert Michael Beamer
Where are you from?: Fresno, California
Years aboard Gurke: 1965 thru 1966
Comments: I rode two destroyers as a signalman. The first was the USS GURKE, the second was the USS Harry E. Hubbard. The Destroyer Navy was the real Navy as far as I am concerned.
I now live on a Veteran's Pension. Had this little Heart Attack. I have fond memories of the USS Gurke, A true Man Of War, a great Lady and The Finest Destroyer in The United States Navy.
A Lover, A Fighter, and A Tin Can Rider.
Love and Peace to All,
Mike Beamer (BEAMER).

Date: 17 May 1998
Name:Tilford, Roy
Where are you from?: Carlsbad, California
Years aboard Gurke: 1957-1960
Comments: Served 3 years plus aboard making 3 wespac and a South American cruise as a radarman ("retired" as RD2 in 1960).


Date: 15 May 1998
Name:James Tilghman No Email Address
Where are you from?: Boyton Beach, Florida
Years aboard Gurke: 1973 - 1975
Comments: None

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