Date: 14 May 1998
Name:Donald L. Ackaret
Where are you from?: Tillamook, Oregon
Years aboard Gurke: May 1945-June 1946
Comments: Glad my son Jerry found the Gurke for me. I will enjoy keeping up-to-date.


Date: 13 May 1998
Name:Dale E. Davis
Where are you from?: Marlow, OK
Years aboard Gurke: 1966-1970
Comments: The Gurke made three cruises to Viet Nam and the Gulf of Tonkin while I was on board. Great old ship and a great bunch of ship mates. Would like to hear from any of you.


Date: 13 May 1998
Name:Bob Blatchley
Where are you from?: Palm Desert, CA
Years aboard Gurke: 6/65 to 1/67
Comments: This is truly a wonderful page. I served as WepsOff under Joe Wilson, later relieved by Murphy, with XO Don Babcock. The best officrs and crew in all my Navy career. Had many memorable experiences particularly when we removed the increments (black powder bags) from the 81mm mortor, thinking they were silica gel, and our trial rds went (barely) over the lifelines! But we learned. Gurke was the most professional Destroyer of 8 that I served in. Even her baseball team was top notch. Every crew member deserved a medal. I wish my health would allow me to be at reunions. Martin, TMC lives nearby and he keeps me locked in the desert! Best regards to all and drop me an email at


Date: 13 May 1998
Name:Lee Crouch
Where are you from?: Euless, TX
Years aboard Gurke: Jul 65 to Jul 67
Comments: I was a Radioman RM2/RM1 and ran several "phone patches" for the crew while we were in the Western Pacific. Enjoyed seeing the smiles on everyones faces as they talked to someone from made my day complete....I really miss "SAN MIGUEL"...and does anyone remember SUSIE?


Date: 13 May 1998
Name:James Russell Stuart (entered by son, Todd)
Where are you from?: Paris, TX
Years aboard Gurke: 1952-1955
Comments: My father is not yet on-line, but he'll be viewing the site over the Memorial Day Weekend..(at my home) Dad would love to hear from former shipmates..more soon!
Note: Russell is now online at

Date: 1 May 1998
Name:James Ashley
Where are you from?: San Diego, CA
Years aboard Gurke: Aug 1960-Dec 1961
Comments: Some of my greatest memories of my days at sea involve the Gurke. I went to Australia on the Gurke and earned my Shellback status aboard. Cdr Richard Kipe is my favorite skipper in 17 years in the Navy.


Date: 1 May 1998
Name:Joseph Daniel Brackin, ET2
Where are you from?: Dothan, AL
Years aboard Gurke: 7/50 - 2/51
Comments: All Nav-72 added another year when Korea came along. I got caught. Left Gurke by high line in Yellow Sea to return to states and re-commission U.S.S. Stephen Potter DD-538.


Date: 30 April 1998
Name:Capt. Lee S. Gurke USN (ret)
Where are you from?: Alexandria, VA
Years aboard Gurke: 1967-1968
Comments: Uncle Henry would be/is very proud of this web page. Great work Tom! Keep it up. BZ ET2 Lee Gurke


Date: 28 April 1998
Name:Mel Edwards
Where are you from?: Washington, MO
Years aboard Gurke: N. A.
Comments: Like your home page. We are considering one for the USS TURNER Reunion Association. I'm a retired LDO Electronics. Sonarman and Bosum Mate.


Date: 27 April 1998
Name:Steve Crimmel
Where are you from?: DeSoto, TX
Years aboard Gurke: Dec 1971-Oct 1975
Comments: Great Home Page. Recognized a few names in the guest log. Brought back some good memories.
Spent my first 6 months on the Gurke working in the deck crew. When we went into drydock, I was temporarily assigned to the Dependants Assistance Team on base. That temporary duty lasted a little over 3 years. I came back onboard the summer of '75 and rode her back to the states, checking off in Frisco for discharge.

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