The Following Is Log Entry No. 150

Date: 13 February 1998
Name:Ed Triniman
Where are you from?: Bremerton, Washington
Years aboard Gurke: 1970 To 1975
Comments: Was an MM and worked forward and aft engine rooms and A gang. Cross decked to the USS Lockwood when the Gurke went back to the US.


Date: 13 February 1998
Name:Craig M. Smith
Where are you from?: Clarkston, Idaho
Years aboard Gurke: 1967-1968
Comments: Made one west-pac 1968, was an ATN working on the DASH Weapons System. Have really enjoyed reading about the Gurke and hope to be able to attend one of the reunions in the future. What ever happened to Capps GM 1st class and Marquart, Dale Ott can't remember any others right now, maybe they will show up.


Date: 12 February 1998
Name:Guy Wathen
Where are you from?: 1908 Mayfield Drive, Crestwood, KY
Years aboard Gurke: 1966-1969
Comments: Served on 2 WESTPAC trips to Vietnam as a RD3 & ECM Operator.

Date: 8 February 1998
Name:Scott Spencer
Where are you from?: Toronto Ontario, Canada
Years aboard Gurke: 1950's, 60's
Comments: My father served aboard the USS Gurke but I'm not sure of the dates. If anyone remembers Richard Spencer please E-mail pictures if posible. Thanks.
Scott: You did not provide an email address.

Date: 5 February 1998
Name:Jim Gillaspie
Homepage: Sailors Lost And Found
Where are you from?: Cedartown, GA
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Great site! I was doing some research on a former Captain of my ship, USS Agerholm DD-826. His name was James P. Cox and he was the xo on the Gurke from 1966-1968. He died on a West-Pac Cruise in Sydney, Australia. I have a site called Sailors Lost And Found, and there is a tribute to Captain Cox there. The url is: I was wondering if you would consider linking our site.
Thanks, Jim Gillaspie, Sailors Lost And Found

Date: 5 February 1998
Name:Alan R King
Where are you from?: Stoneham, MA
Years aboard Gurke: None
Comments: Served with former commanding officer, CDR Joe Holland (early/mid 1970s). We were both attached to COMDESRON 11 Staff.


Date: 31 January 1998
Name:J. Frank Hickam
Where are you from?: Wilmington, DE
Years aboard Gurke: 1954-1956
Comments: Helen and I really enjoyed the SDiego reunion and I look forward to KC. Unknown if Helen can make this one.


Date: 29 January 1998
Name:Dr. Robert(Bob) M. Bade
Where are you from?: Wiesbaden, Germany
Years aboard Gurke: 1955-1958
Comments: I was on the Gurke from Feb. 1955 to to Nov 1958 as a young 19 to 21 year old with Rosenberg and Little. I was Fire Control PO2 when I got out.

I am with the European Baptist Convention stationed in Wiesbaden,Germany. All my military time was in the Pacific. I love keeping up with the Navy and other branches on AFN here. We have several churches around Navy bases all over Europe.

This is a great thing. Let me hear from my ole shipmates especially Jerry Bufferding and Bill Conner and Chief Fox and others.


Date: 26 January 1998
Name:Richard T. Brown
Where are you from?: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Years aboard Gurke: 1957 to 1960
Comments: Have often wondered what happened to the Gurke. Also would like to find out what some of my old shipmates are doing and where they are located. The Gurke always seemed to lead a charmed life. How many ships got to be station ship in Hong Kong, make port in Australia in 1960 and then spend a whole month there in 1961,and on top of that go into such a place as Pago Pago. Oh yes, I almost forgot the South America cruise where we took a bunch of midshipmen across the equator (man was that some kind of an initiation), went to Panama, Acapulco, Lima Peru, and Valparaiso, Chile.

Going to sea is quite an experience. You have to do it to have any idea what I am talking about. You have to wonder how any one can live in such cramped quarters for three years and still maintain their sanity. I guess the young age and the associated adventure somewhat softens the impact. Perhaps the Comradeship" is the real key. I certainly developed a great comradeship with a number of the guys aboard and really regret that I have lost contact with most of them.

Date: 19 January 1998
Name:Dewey Lynn Robinson
Where are you from?: Murfreesboro, TN
Years aboard Gurke: Comissioning to 7/1/46
Comments: My twin brother, Doyle Wayne Robinson, and I were aboard at the same time in the original commissioning crew.

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