Awards Presented to USS Gurke Homepage

These awards are presented to web sites of a naval, nautical or maritime nature.
The criteria judged are cleanliness of the page, design, graphics, image quality, load time, context, information and historical value. In my opinion it is the context, information and historical value that distinguishes this site. And it pleases me to add that there are many who have contributed to this criteria and they share in these awards.

My sincere thanks to my new friends and shipmates...

Elsie (Gurke) Geiger, Dean Robertson, Chris Cavas, Larry Lewis, Bob Lorenz, Andy Bobbett, Jerry Colley, Wayne Dehne, Lt. Ioannis (Yanni) Kakavas HN, Vanguelis Christodoulou (ex HN), Dina Coffey, SH, Lt. Jr. Grade Dimitris Spirou HN, Don Pollock, Bill Wible, Ray Bales, GMC(SW), USN, Harold Balser, Phil Reeves, Bob Larsen, Al Salisbury, Walter Schmitter, Larry Strizich , Dick Walther, Carroll Briggs, Dan Hays, Dunes Thompson, Marvin Blue, Rick Stout, Jim Foley , David Emerson, Larry Elliott, Jon Fox, Scott Spencer, Robin Norcutt, Bill Hegeman, Pete Curtin, Bob Blatchley, Alan Rose, Dean Henson, Robert Collette, George Cooper, Baranduin Briggs, Lee Gurke, Joe Murphy, Johnie R. McIntyre, Marjorie Williams, Richard McFadden, Bill Creber, Darryl A. Bolstad, Bill Waddell and Rodney W. Smith.

... who have made these pages possible.

Presented by Gene Bales MM1 (SW) USS California (CGN-36)
Author of:
Nuclear Powered Cruisers of the USN

Presented by Paul D. Henriott, CWO, USA Ret
(Mr. Henriott also served in the USN 1943-1950 as GM2)
Author of
USS Oakland (CL/CLAA-95)

Presented by Ray Bales GMC USS Elliot DD-967
Author of
The Greyhound Navy: Spruance-Class Destroyers

Presented by Paoli Pizzi
Author of
Navis: Online Magazine of Ship and Naval Aviation History and Modeling

Presented by Ron Fleischer
Author of
Windsor Police Website - Colorado

Presented by Herwig Brunar
Author of
Ericeira/Marfa Portuguese Tourism Site

Presented by Bill Jones
Author of
USS Robert L. Wilson DD-847